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Wed Nov 29 15:27:00 UTC 2006

Revision: 971
Author:   tfry
Date:     2006-11-29 07:27:00 -0800 (Wed, 29 Nov 2006)

Log Message:
ChangeLog, TODO

Modified Paths:

Modified: trunk/rkward/ChangeLog
--- trunk/rkward/ChangeLog	2006-11-28 16:07:56 UTC (rev 970)
+++ trunk/rkward/ChangeLog	2006-11-29 15:27:00 UTC (rev 971)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
 - add RMB menu to script editor windows
-- add options to "clear" and "configure" in the console RMB menu, and the command log RMB menu
+- add options "clear" and "configure" in the console RMB menu, and the command log RMB menu
 - add option to save workplace layout not per workspace, but at the end of the session
 - add options ("printcmd") to settings
 - fix help menu for detached windows

Modified: trunk/rkward/TODO
--- trunk/rkward/TODO	2006-11-28 16:07:56 UTC (rev 970)
+++ trunk/rkward/TODO	2006-11-29 15:27:00 UTC (rev 971)
@@ -27,7 +27,6 @@
 	- Output window should gain some sort of auto-update functionality:
 		- After user commands, should check, whether the output file was modified. If so, reload
-	- Option to save workplace per session instead of per workspace
 	"First-run wizard"
 		- pre-install R packages
 	- Check for existence of php binary on startup, not only when loading a plugin
@@ -67,17 +66,16 @@
 		- in the mid term, this should probably be renamed and moved to windows
 		- call .rk.get.installed.packages, and update package selection drop down on every show, but not on startup? Really? Maybe both.
 	- RKVarslot:
-		- allow "save as" selection mode (i.e. new object names, or selection of existing symbol)
+		- allow "save as" selection mode (i.e. new object names, or selection of existing symbol) -> RKSaveObjectChooser
 	- RKVarselector:
-		- pop-up-able selectors (maybe more generic, not only for varselectors)
-	- RKwatch:
+		- pop-up-able selectors (maybe more generic, not only for varselectors): Like a "Browse" button
+	- RKCommandLog:
 		- optionally keep a file log!
 	- hot-key/permanent icon to cancel current command / hold processing. Perhaps in the busy/idle indicator?
 	- find out how to save toolbar states properly in parts-GUI
 	- David's usability items
 	- use RKGlobals::marginHint (), RKGlobals::spacingHint () everywhere
 	- from Ralf:
-		- A workmate misses very much an command/key to clean up the console/log
 		- another nifty feature would be - if F8 would work also in the console/log.
 Internal stuff:

Modified: trunk/rkward/rkward/main.cpp
--- trunk/rkward/rkward/main.cpp	2006-11-28 16:07:56 UTC (rev 970)
+++ trunk/rkward/rkward/main.cpp	2006-11-29 15:27:00 UTC (rev 971)
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@
 	aboutData.addCredit ("Yves Jacolin", I18N_NOOP ("New website"), 0);
 	aboutData.addCredit ("Marco Martin", I18N_NOOP ("A cool icon"), 0);
 	aboutData.addCredit ("Daniele Medri", I18N_NOOP ("RKWard logo, many suggestions, help on wording"), 0);
-	aboutData.addCredit ("Stefan Roediger", I18N_NOOP ("Several plugins, and suggestions"), 0);
+	aboutData.addCredit ("Stefan Roediger", I18N_NOOP ("Many plugins, suggestions, marketing"), 0);
 	aboutData.addCredit ("David Sibai", I18N_NOOP ("Several valuable comments, hints and patches"), 0);
 	aboutData.addCredit ("Ralf Tautenhahn", I18N_NOOP ("Many comments, useful suggestions, and bug reports"), 0);
 	aboutData.addCredit (I18N_NOOP ("Many more people on rkward-devel at lists.sourceforge.net"), I18N_NOOP ("Sorry, if we forgot to list you. Please contact us to get added"), 0);

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