Kate plugins

Stefan Rödiger [GMX] stefan_roediger at gmx.de
Tue Mar 31 12:10:32 BST 2020

On 30.03.20 12:59, Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:
> Hi!
> I have finally added a (basic) configuration dialog that allows you to
> load any installed kate plugin. I'd like to invite you all to play with
> that, and perhaps you have some feedback on (among other things):

For those who do not know where to find them:

1) Open a script file (menu button or Ctrl + N)

2) Switch to the script window

3) Settings -> Configure Script Editor

4) Look for: Add-ons - Kate Plugins

> - Beside the three plugins that I've enabled, by default, are there
>   others that are particularly useful to you? Enough to warrant
>   enabling them by default?

Some of them are not (yet?) supported. For example Symbol list. Maybe
this needs to be filtered unless there are use cases I don't know of.

I can make immediate use of:

- Document Switcher and - Document Tree View

- Document Preview (for me, working great for bib, md files. ok for
HTML,not working for PDF, docx, odt, Rmd (albeit possible via new preview) )

- Text Filter

- Close Except/Like Plugin

- Terminal Tool View

- Symbol Viewer Plugin *might* come handy if users combine R code with
python ... (via the reticulate the package?)

> - Should we have a separate category of "recommended" kate plugins
>   (that look useful, and are known to work reasonably well)? Should we
>   hide kate plugins that look useless in the context of RKWard?
> - For those plugins that do look useful to you, which UI quirks need
>   to be addressed?
- Document Preview is way more useful if users easily are able to open
other file types via the File menu. An additional entry besides Open R
Script File ... might do the trick.
> Thanks for your thoughts!
> Thomas

Great enhancement!



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