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Am Dienstag, 24. April 2018, 15:29:31 CEST schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> > > b) The directory is versioned, so packages built for R 3.4 will not
> > > be seen by R 3.5 (and vice-versa).
> > 
> > is that limited to certain platforms or coming with 3.5.0? i don't
> > see any versioning in my R_LIBS_USER.
> Hm. It should be set from Renviron (and since a _long_ time). Any
> chance you have messed with that?

i do have R_LIBS_USER set and constantly use it for package installation, but 
i don't have any versioning i can see. i also tested that right now by 
defining a new/empty dir and installing packages, there's no versioning.

> > it could try to "move" it to R_LIBS_USER
> It's simply asking for quite a deal of work for something users will be
> faced with once (arguably a similar situation will then come up once a
> year for new releases of R).

ok, that's true -- it's actually not worth the effort. but i still wouldn't 
delete files unseen, but nag the user to have a close look and remove it 
manually if ok.

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