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Am Samstag, 30. Januar 2016, 10:25:12 schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> 1) Having the preview docked directly to the plugin window. (Size is an
> issue, here, but could probably be solved by moving the preview area to
> the side, instead of bottom of the dialog.)
> 2) Having an easy way to create a full-featured on-screen graphics
> window. This is what "Preview" is currently doing for plots.
> 3) Having an easy way to store a plot permanently for a basic log of
> your data analysis. This is what the output window is meant for, and
> what the "Submit" button is doing, currently.
> Problem is we only have two "paths" (Preview and Submit). Solutions I
> can think of (but I'm not really happy with any):
> - Add a third button / checkbox to all plot plugins, whatever it is
>   called.
> - Combining 1) and 2), somehow:
> -- Simply make it user configurable: Do you want plot previews to be
>   "docked" (1) or "detached" (2).
> -- Add a button to detach a docked preview, i.e. to go from 1 to 2.
> - Combining 2) and 3), somehow:
> -- Always do both 2 _and_ 3 when clicking "Submit".
> -- Add option to do either 2) or 3) on "Submit" to each plot plugin.
> Ideas / opinions?

we were talking about attaching the graphics device to the main window a while 
ago. not that it solves any of the issues, but this is probably a good time to 
exhume those ideas as well. here's the draft i did then:
 (also look at the menu area, sorry for the german -- it's the graphics
the mail bringing it up (october 2013):
and the assigned issue:

would it help if RKWard, on "submit", didn't only store the flat bitmap image, 
but the whole raw R object (save.image()) as a reference, linked to in the 
output, so that it is re-opened in the graphics device if you click on it? it 
could be embedded in the HTML file in base64 encoding.

i mean:
 - have the preview docked to the dialog (sideways is a good idea!)
 - if you hit "submit" it is appended to the output as usual, but in a
   <a href="base64image.RData"><img src="image.png" /></a> kind of way
 - if you click the image, the raw image is being opened in the graphics 
   device, so you can still save it in different formats or sizes etc.
   (i never tried this, i'm just assuming this is possible with raw plots)
 - you can still use the "run again" link to change the plot itself

the downside of this is, if you're used to save your plots from the preview 
(as i often do, too), this adds a detour to your getting to the graphics 
device. therefore

 - an extra control to detach the plot while still in the preview stage 
   sounds useful to me
 - if it's not too hard to do, i'd not toggle docked/detach, but "show menu" 
   vs. "hide menu", i.e., either show the docked preview or a graphics device 
   that is also docked in the same place, without the plot history

> Almost forgot: Could you or Meik create an updated Mac bundle from the
> 0.6.4 release branch? Problem should be fixed, there.

how should we call it?

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