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On Sat, 30 Jan 2016 09:05:36 +0900
Aaron Batty <abatty at> wrote:
> It would indeed be cool if the preview were just in the window,
> although sizing concerns seem valid.
> I just finished my stats class this semester (need to grade finals
> today). It was our first time using the Preview window as the main
> graphics output (it didn't work on Macs with the version we used last
> year, and most of my students are web dev/design types and use Macs).
> It seems that students always had 100,000 extra graphics windows
> behind the main RKWard window; is that what we were talking about?

That is one of the two things we are talking about. BTW, to see the
docked previews, you'd have to run without the "-D"
> Also, I think the very name of it, "Preview", is misleading. It's
> actually the most fully-featured graphics output that the program
> has. In fact, when you click "Submit," it just makes a little PNG of
> what you get in Preview and throws it into an HTML folder that people
> have a hard time getting it out of. If it were all in one window,
> "Export to output" or something would make more sense than "Submit,"
> since you can also export to PDF, etc.

Yes, to sum it up, I think we probably agree that there are _three_
desirable behaviors:

1) Having the preview docked directly to the plugin window. (Size is an
issue, here, but could probably be solved by moving the preview area to
the side, instead of bottom of the dialog.)
2) Having an easy way to create a full-featured on-screen graphics
window. This is what "Preview" is currently doing for plots.
3) Having an easy way to store a plot permanently for a basic log of
your data analysis. This is what the output window is meant for, and
what the "Submit" button is doing, currently.

Problem is we only have two "paths" (Preview and Submit). Solutions I
can think of (but I'm not really happy with any):

- Add a third button / checkbox to all plot plugins, whatever it is
- Combining 1) and 2), somehow:
-- Simply make it user configurable: Do you want plot previews to be
  "docked" (1) or "detached" (2).
-- Add a button to detach a docked preview, i.e. to go from 1 to 2.
- Combining 2) and 3), somehow:
-- Always do both 2 _and_ 3 when clicking "Submit".
-- Add option to do either 2) or 3) on "Submit" to each plot plugin.

Ideas / opinions?

> In unrelated news, I think we got ANOVA working for everyone
> eventually.

Almost forgot: Could you or Meik create an updated Mac bundle from the
0.6.4 release branch? Problem should be fixed, there.

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