Preview - Input needed?

Jan Wort d_jan at
Tue Jan 26 15:22:56 UTC 2016


> Now that the import plugins have a preview, should "Open imported
> data for editing" still be the default?

It would show that the action was actually done (and successfully so) so I'd suggest to continue using this behaviour. (Just tried it myself, accidentally with a large table, which did not appear (immediately) --  I found this irritating)

>Many plugins require add-on packages to be installed, and the 

> usual work-flow is that once the plugin is run,...

Hmm, I don't understand - is this because previews need additional packages?

> Also, of course, now that plugins can show data, and also 

> output (as in the output window), which are the plugins where 

> previews will be particularly useful?

I'd assume that any data-restructuring would benefit greatly, like generate random, recode, sort, subset, (in the future maybe some reshape like function etc.)
Currently, I assume that for tests it is not very useful (except for evil p-hackers ;-) ) but I may be wrong here. 

> Wonderful! The associated JS files do not seem to arrive on 

> codepen, though, so the mockup becomes read-only. Is that fixable, too?

Ah, interesting question. This would allow them to life on codepen only. Maybe it's possible, I'd need to try. 
The current usecase for the function was just sharing, like a fancy image :)

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