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Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at
Tue Jan 26 09:21:46 UTC 2016

Hi Jan, hi everybody else,

On Tue, 26 Jan 2016 07:13:47 +0000 (UTC)
Jan Wort <d_jan at> wrote:
> I lost a bit track of the UI for the preview. To get into the loop
> again: Is there any input needed from me currently?

well, I am mostly "done" with the preview feature, and arrived at a
solution that I am quite happy with, so far. So I don't need any
specific suggestions, ATM, but of course you are invited to test and
provide feedback. The File->Import->Import format Plugins all have
previews, already.

There are some details that I am not so sure on, although they don't
seem terribly important to me. E.g.:

- Now that the import plugins have a preview, should "Open imported
  data for editing" still be the default? Part of the rationale for
  having this on by default is that it was the closest to an actual
  preview that we had at them time. Viewing / editing the data after
  import is still not an unusual thing to do, though.
- Many plugins require add-on packages to be installed, and the usual
  work-flow is that once the plugin is run, it will try to load those
  packages, failing that it will prompt to install those packages. This
  poses some interesting questions for previews. Currently my answers
  to this are:
  - All previews will load required packages, if they are installed.
  - Previews that have to be activated manually will also prompt to
    install missing packages.
  - Previews that are active by default will try to load required
    packages, but simply show an error message, if any required
    packages are missing.
- Also, of course, now that plugins can show data, and also output (as
  in the output window), which are the plugins where previews will be
  particularly useful?

> On a related note: I updated quick mockup to be able to share an
> interface mockup to codepen, so no more saving/attachment mailing
> needed in case you want to used it. (demo/use:
> ; repo:
> )

Wonderful! The associated JS files do not seem to arrive on codepen,
though, so the mockup becomes read-only. Is that fixable, too?

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