[rkward-devel] import/export CSV

Thomas Friedrichsmeier thomas.friedrichsmeier at ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Tue Dec 2 11:56:39 UTC 2014


On Tuesday 02 December 2014 11:46:52 meik michalke wrote:
> shuffling around elements is no problem, i'll try something. however:
> > - Set the labels of the inputs for custom dec/sep to "" (these are
> > definitely expendable, IMO)
> > - Set the label of the file name selector to "". Probably
> > self-explanatory.
> that could actually help, if i manage to get rkwarddev to write empty
> strings into its objects... currently, it leaves the labels out and RKWard
> auto-fills them.

I see. Would it have any negative side-effect, if you just remove the check 
for nchar > 0 in pasteXMLAttr?
> generally: should i simply already add the XML and JS file to git already?
> if so, should i also put the rkwarddev script somewhere there, or would you
> like to have its results, only?

I'm still not sure what is the best way to handle this. But we already have 
one rkwarddev script in plugins/rkwarddev_scripts, and so you can simply 
follow that path for now.

Of course, having both in git is potentially asking for trouble. Sooner or 
later someone (or a script) will overlook the warning at the top of the 
generated files, and make changes, there, which are not represented in the 
rkwarddev-script. Ideally, rkwarddev-based plugins would be generated during 
cmake, somehow(*), and git-ignored...


(*): But that is not trivial, either
- Should work without prior installation of XiMpLe and rkwarddev
- Need to make sure the generated files go to the correct location
- Should ideally detect and warn about edits by hand (perhaps by storing a 
timestamp inside the generated file, or something)
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