[rkward-devel] R2HTML orphaned on CRAN

Milan Bouchet-Valat nalimilan at club.fr
Sun Aug 24 08:20:56 UTC 2014

Le dimanche 24 août 2014 à 08:27 +0200, Thomas Friedrichsmeier a écrit :
> On Saturday 23 August 2014 23:21:37 Milan Bouchet-Valat wrote:
> > Great! I've created a GitHub repository at
> > https://github.com/nalimilan/R2HTML
> > 
> > Please apply for commit rights (or give me your username) and I'll give them
> > to you.
> Username is tfry-git (both tfry and tfried were already taken - this world is 
> so crowded...).
Indeed. ;-)

I've added you.

> > I've pushed fixes for the global assignment issue, at least the warnings
> > are gone and the tests pass, I've not yet done careful checks. I had to
> > remove an obscure feature which overrode the fix() function in order to
> > do clever things when fix() was called during an HTMLStart()/HTMLStop()
> > session. I don't think this is very useful.
> Yes, I've had a glance at that, and it sure looked weird. Regarding the other 
> assignments, I guess .HTML.file is the most touchy one, as this could 
> conceivably be used by some dependent code. I guess it might be useful (not to 
> RKWard, though) to add at least a getter function, so users can mix HTML() and 
> custom writes more easily.
Actually I also need a setter function in my RcmdrPlugin.temis package,
so I'll add both a getter an a setter. The NEWS will have to mention
that this update breaks API anyway.


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