[rkward-devel] R2HTML orphaned on CRAN

meik michalke meik.michalke at uni-duesseldorf.de
Wed Aug 20 12:56:02 UTC 2014


Am Mittwoch, 20. August 2014, 13:57:06 schrieb Milan Bouchet-Valat:
>  If nobody steps in to take up
> maintainership, it will eventually be archived. As RKWard uses R2HTML
> for output, it would be quite a bad situation.


> Would you be interested in working at fixing the few R CMD check WARNINGs 
> and NOTEs in order to update the package?

i sure don't have time to dig into the package to feel comfortable enough to 
make changes.

what are the options? evaluate which functionalitiy RKWard uses exactly, and 
try to replace R2HTML with maintained alternatives (if there is any)? two 
things come to my mind:

 print(xtable(), format="HTML")

and extending XiMpLe to make generating HTML easy enough to become independent 
from other packages? here's some stuff i've been toying around for some other 

# title: character string
# head: contents of the header without title, list of XiMpLe nodes
# body: contents of the body, list of XiMpLe nodes
HTML.page <- function(title="", head=NULL, body=NULL){
    head <- list(XMLNode("title", title), unlist(head))
  } else {
    head <- list(XMLNode("title", title))
    body <- XMLNode("body", body)
  } else {
    body <- XMLNode("body", "")
  full.header <- XMLNode("head", children=head)
  page <- XMLTree(XMLNode("html", .children=list(full.header, body)),
  xml=list(version="1.0", encoding="UTF-8"),
  dtd=list(doctype="html", decl="PUBLIC",
    id="-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN",

div <- function(..., attrs=NULL){
  return(XMLNode("div", ..., attrs=attrs))

p <- function(..., attrs=NULL){
  return(XMLNode("p", ..., attrs=attrs))

head <- NULL #list(
#  XMLNode("script", "foo")
body <- div(p("foo"))

HTML.page("bar", head=head, body=body)

we could build on the R2HTML package code.

viele grüße :: m.eik

  dipl. psych. meik michalke
  institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
  abt. f"ur diagnostik und differentielle psychologie
  heinrich-heine-universit"at d-40204 d"usseldorf
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