[rkward-devel] Fwd: Rkward warning about too long lines

Fichtinger, Johannes newsletter at fichtinger.org
Tue Jul 17 13:18:26 UTC 2012

meik michalke wrote on Tuesday 17 Jul 2012:

> hi johannes,
> Am Dienstag, 17. Juli 2012, 12:56:50 schrieb Johannes Fichtinger:
> > I understand that there is a setting in Settings --> Configure Editor -->
> > Open/Save --> Line Length Limit which is set to 1.024 by default. Setting
> > this  to 0 should prevent that line length check.
> > 
> > However, it seems that on my machine this setting (line length limit = 0)
> > is  not saved when I close and reopen rkward.
> unfortunately, thomas is absent at the moment, i'm sure he'll come back to
> this later on. allthough, this seems to be a problem in the kate-part, not
> RKWard itself. do you have the same problem when you try to open the file
> responsible with kate directly? does kate save the setting accordningly?

Yes. Kate does save the setting, rkward not. For example Kile, which is 
another application that uses kate-part saves this setting as well. It seems 
it is only a problem with rkward.

> as a workaround in the meantime, did you try to set the level much higher
> (so high that it fits you files)?

This doesn’t change anything. I can change this value to any value I want, 
after closing and reopening rkward it is set to 1.024 again.

Best Wishes

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