[rkward-devel] Fwd: Rkward warning about too long lines

Johannes Fichtinger newsletter at fichtinger.org
Tue Jul 17 11:56:50 UTC 2012


Forwarding my previous email from rkward-users to -devel. Hopefully someone 
can help with this issue here: 

I am using rkward for almost all of my research projects happily and 
successfully. However, after a recent update to KDE 4.8.4 in Debian SID using 
rkward 0.5.7, I sometimes get this warning: 

“The file /home/.../file.r was opened and contained too long lines (more than 
1,024 characters). Too long lines were wrapped and the document is set to 
read-only mode, as saving will modify its content.”

I understand that there is a setting in Settings --> Configure Editor --> 
Open/Save --> Line Length Limit which is set to 1.024 by default. Setting this 
to 0 should prevent that line length check. 

However, it seems that on my machine this setting (line length limit = 0) is 
not saved when I close and reopen rkward. 

Any ideas how to solve this issue?

Best Wishes
Johannes Fichtinger

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