[rkward-devel] Updates to the Wiki

Prasenjit Kapat kapatp at gmail.com
Wed May 20 07:30:52 UTC 2009


1. I've updated the "Build RKWard from Sources", "RKWard SVN", and
"Binaries and Build Scripts" pages. My aim was to cross link as much
as possible there by avoid repeating information:

 - Some more details added on the Sources page
 - Pre-reqs from the SVN page are now linked to the Sources page.
 - Compilation from the SVN page are also linked to the Sources page.

I am not sure, if the current version is easily
readable/understandable! At least I hope, there are no technical
errors. Can someone make sure that they are OK?

2. Under Binaries and Build scripts,
 - Debian/Ubuntu section seems to have some information now.
 - we need to update the list of available packages (with exact names)
from Meik's repositories. Meik, can you fill these sentences on the
 - link to list of all fedora rkward packges has been added
 - other distributions are same as earlier

3. Both the tar.gz files on the Download_RKWard page are actually just
tar files! I think it would be better to upload the gzipped files
rather than (although the simpler option) just to rename the files to

4. Suse/openSuse should be updated based on the recent information
from joekirchner.


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