[rkward-devel] Rkward Crashes KDE and X11 with a simple "double clic" ; )

moi moi metacryptic at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 17:26:18 UTC 2009

Hi !
We will,now, crashes KDE and X11 with a "double clic" ;)

1) Start RKward
2) Close all the tab (ctrl+w) : in my case--> the HTML "Rkward welcome" tab
and the "my.data" tab
==> i do this because, by default, this tab is not active, and so anytime
you want to type command-lines you must select the "terminal R" tab before.
By closing all tabs, the "terminal R" tab is always actived.

3) Open the "R terminal" by clicking on the icon "terminal R"
4) Now we will crash KDE and X11.......... :
---> Click on the icon representing  "Rkward" (not the terminal window) at
the bottom of KDE in the "taskbar" : this action minimise Rkward
---> Click on the same icon another time to maximise it :  bang crash !

Information on my system :
Rkward 0.4.9
Linux Kubuntu "hardy heron"
KDE (of course) 3.5.10
i use compiz and KDE Dekorator
On acer laptop.

*Keep up the very good work !
Thanks to all of you for this tremendous, absolute Rkward application, i
definitly love it.

Linux and Open source power, peace and free for all !
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