[rkward-devel] rkward icon/hicolor l10n [was: Getting ready to release RKWard 0.5.0c - Call for testing]

meik michalke meik.michalke at uni-duesseldorf.de
Sun Mar 29 12:04:08 UTC 2009

hi michel,

am Samstag, 28. März 2009 (02:17) schrieb michel lang:
> I've remove the "hicolor" from rkward/icons/app-icon/CMakeLists.txt
> and the icons accordingly got placed in the right dir alongside the
> other applications icons.

you're right, cmake must have mistaken "hicolor" for a language flag...

> However this didn't solve my problem (maybe I've to rebuild the icons cache
> somehow?). I'd be glad if someone could help me fix this and bring some
> light into this issue. 

could you check your exact menu entry? i still had a similar problem after 
removing the "hicolor" statement and rebuilding rkward, and found an orphaned 
reference in my ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc that overwrote the system wide 
entry (something like ~/.local/share/applications/kde4-rkward.desktop). after 
i removed that .desktop file, rkward had its icon back.

viele grüße :: m.eik

dipl. psych. meik michalke
institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
abt. f"ur diagnostik und differentielle psychologie
heinrich-heine-universit"at d"usseldorf
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