[rkward-devel] Getting ready to release RKWard 0.5.0c - Call for testing

I. Soumpasis nono.231 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 27 09:05:24 UTC 2009

Hello everybody!

I am using the svn version extensively the last months (mainly for
scripting) on ubuntu 8.10 with kde 4.1.4 and R 2.8.1 on both i386 and and
X86_64. Both R and RKWard are compiled from sources.

The only problem I have found is a floating toolbar (run selection etc)
which forgets its position everytime I restart rkward and goes to the very
right end of toolbars showing only one button. Exporting images, pdfs,
printing, scripting generally works well and i have nothing to report. Also
there is a prroblem (but i think this is mentioned) with the copy-paste
shortcuts in the terminal.

Finally, I tried the greek translation and i did not find any untranslated
or problematic string.

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