print-manager and wacomtablet to Plasma

Nate Graham nate at
Fri Nov 3 01:21:03 GMT 2023

On 11/2/23 17:39, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> It's true that print-manager is mainly a plasmoid/kded/kcm so if Plasma folks
> want to adopt it, I'm not against it, please propose a MR like
> (but in reverse)

Done, see

>> Having such software follow the Plasma release
>> schedule prevents the problem of unsynchronized changes due to differing
>> release schedules, which bit us multiple times during the Plasma 5 cycle.
> That's not a good reason, Plasma developers need to remember that there's
> third party applications out there that may also want to tightly integrate
> with Plasma, so any breaking change that may affect print-manager or whatever
> other non-shipped-by-Plasma software should not be happening.

For the record, the problem was not breaking changes; we always avoided 
intentionally making breaking changes due to the existence of 3rd-party 
widgets and KCMs etc.

Rather the issue was unsynchronized UI changes; for example Plasma would 
introduce a new UI feature or convention and then everything on the 
Plasma release schedule would opt into it in time for the next release, 
but software like print-manager not on the Plasma release schedule 
couldn't sync up until their next release, causing random things to use 
the old style for a few weeks or months. Not the end of the world of 
course, but not the kind of seamless UX we were aiming for.


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