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Wed Nov 1 08:47:32 GMT 2023

On Wed, Nov 1, 2023 at 8:42 AM Jonathan Riddell <jr at> wrote:

> We chatted about the alpha release due next Wednesday in the Frameworks
> meeting today.
> From my notes:
> - Frameworks would like do be part of this release
> - Nico F, Alex S, David E are release spods
> - There's not been any work on doing the tooling.  There's a desire to
> move to releaseme for tooling.  Jonathan uses this plus a load of
> supporting scripts for Plasma and will look at adapting that for Frameworks
> and come up with a proposal
> - Plasma would like to take over release of plasma-framework, kwayland and
> kactivities and that presumably means also kactivities-stats.  There was
> discussion on the problem of moving the gitlab entries for this while 5
> releases are still ongoing so it's probably best to just leave that for now.

Having the repositories being subject to two different sets of rules is
going to be quite painful - as quite a few systems assume that something in
frameworks/* is a Framework.
This is the case for CI (in the branch-rules, the seed jobs, etc), API
Documentation and a few other places.

It is much easier to make something non-Frameworks look like a Framework,
than it is to make something that is classified as Frameworks (but isn't
actually one) not be seen as one.
(ie. the rules we have are inclusionary not exclusionary)

I'd be in favour of saying they need to be moved from frameworks/ to
plasma/ in preparation for this.

> - oxygen-icons5 tar should be renamed oxygen-icons (again probably leave
> gitlab repo renaming until later)
- We didn't discuss it but kirigami2 tar should also be renamed to kirigami

Not sure why we need to delay renaming the repository?

> Does that seem right?
> Anything else?
> Jonathan

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