Re-spin opportunity for qqc2-desktop-style in KDE Frameworks v5.102

ivan tkachenko me at
Wed Jan 11 12:13:00 GMT 2023


There is an opportunity to include some extra bug fixes (including 
long-standing annoying ones) which I did in a last minute, so to speak.

The branch of qqc2-desktop-style MR !213 can be safely picked as a 
whole. It contained the following 10 commits:

commit 122cd908162ccef6f0baf95addf7dd3559646371 Replace `icon.color.a > 
0` check with proper Qt.colorEqual
commit f1526854b8a28f8d366f6f688a5451101ed8033d Refactor 
DefaultListItemBackground with a grain of type-safety
commit 69531ee2c0a083e0153e805c515c1a4486509b01 DelayButton: Fix 
hasFocus binding
commit 8a07dc7082a5ab770417abdc82011da03f74b774 Menu: Factor out 
property assignment
commit c0164de6d33e36164e21408cbf1771215e177c2b RadioButton: Add support 
for icons, just like in CheckBox
commit 782c2225eae04dd4a918469d3da311e0531aa13b TabBar: Fix glitchy overlap
commit 42472038fd91a8b3bcce7d8a9a1c83c63385a156 TabButton: Refactor 
expressions using modern QQC2 attached properties
commit 252f213e8739884948f3e0c45b60dd964b64512c TabButton: Fix/add icons 
commit e74b85302d2093ce9f4ddfadbf877a96f57af913 Revisit usages of 
QtQuick.Controls/AbstractButton::icon grouped property
commit d82036e8821c674b41fe7794408053e71effd3b2 Optimize loading icons 
from properties


-- ivan (@ratijas)

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