KHealthCertificate in Gear

Justin Zobel justin.zobel at
Sat Aug 26 01:28:16 BST 2023

The more items in gear the easier it is for packagers to keep everything 
in sync. +1 from me.

On 25/8/23 23:45, Volker Krause wrote:
> Hi,
> it looks like we missed KHealthCertificate (
> khealthcertificate) when dissolving Mobile Gear, and it's currently not covered
> by automated releases. This went unnoticed as it hasn't gotten API changes
> recently, only a few data updates, but I'd like to fix this as we have things
> depending on it.
> So I'd suggest we include it in 23.12, assuming we don't want to add things to
> the 23.08 series at this point.
> Thanks,
> Volker

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