KDE Gear 23.08.0 packages available for packagers

Heiko Becker heiko.becker at kde.org
Sat Aug 19 15:19:47 BST 2023

On Saturday, 19 August 2023 12:47:05 CEST, Julius K├╝nzel wrote:
> please respin Kdenlive to include 
> https://invent.kde.org/multimedia/kdenlive/-/commit/c1cfed5aa50b7966c38b55640067a0edbb1c40ac 
> which fixes a recent major regression with the "Save As..." 
> feature.

Sure, done:

Git SHA1: c1cfed5aa50b7966c38b55640067a0edbb1c40ac
SHA256: 5f63f6cc1d7f7578014ef0fdb3f20e85254f05d7066911329ce568b967e4d207  

> Also it seems from https://invent.kde.org/-/snippets/2799 that 
> several commits with bug fixes from July 17th are not included 
> while I understand the schedule 
> (https://community.kde.org/Schedules/KDE_Gear_23.08_Schedule) to 
> have the deadline at July 17th 23:59 UTC? Or do I misunderstand 
> something?

No, I actually created the tarballs early in the morning of the 18th (not 
often keen on staying up after the deadline, at least during CEST) but my 
local clones, where I ran the changelog script, seem to have been been 
slightly out of date. Sorry about that.

The tarball, however, was created on the packaging server, which grabbed 
the most recent commit at the time 
(d075fa918e2af0152b59261cb9031aaf7764c082). The final changelog, which will 
appear on kde.org, will use that information (well, now the respun commit 
to be precise).


> Thanks!
> Julius

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