Planning the final 6 release timeframes

David Edmundson david at
Thu Aug 17 14:41:25 BST 2023

As discussed at Akademy we need to finalize the release of KF6 /
Applications with 6 and Plasma 6.

Applications can't release without Plasma (for Breeze + Plasma Integration)
Plasma is weakened without kio-extras
Both depend on Frameworks which needs a final release.

We want to be fairly synced which means a release together. Multiple
alternative options to releasing in sync are possible, but general
consensus at Akademy was that it made things more complex. Plasma was
targeting to be ready "at end of the year", but that doesn't quite
line up with having betas in November.

We need to come up with a plan that works for KDE Gear application
authors, Plasma team and Frameworks dev.

A doodle poll is available at:

At the end of the meeting there must be a decision made. If there's no
consensus we'll have to have a vote with multiple rounds of

Open discussion ahead of time is available at:

David Edmundson

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