New CI workers - node1 and node2

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Sun Aug 13 07:17:30 BST 2023

Hi all,

Over the last 2 days i've been busy connecting two new CI workers to
GitLab, which are the beginning of long overdue improvements to our CI
arrangements needed to support the final retirement of the Binary Factory.

While developers shouldn't notice much in the way of changes, this will
bring us a series of long term benefits which include:
- The builders host OS being significantly more up to date, which will
allow certain GPU related tests to be run again
- The ability to build Webengine on the CI system (for Craft caches
primarily) which will support our builds of Linux appimages
- Reduced time to wait for a build to start as more build resources will be
available to Gitlab (while we've had 5 workers for a long time, 2 were
connected to the Binary Factory and were unavailable to Gitlab)

On the Linux and Windows side, the two new builders - node1 and node2 - are
already available and should be carrying out builds already.
I'm still waiting on some details for FreeBSD, but once that has been
sorted we should be able to provision those as well.

For those curious, these two builders (node1 and node2) are equipped with
Ryzen 7 7700 CPUs, 128GB RAM and 1TB of Gen4 NVMe storage, although not all
of this is available to Linux builds as it is apportioned partly to Windows
and FreeBSD VMs.

Once these two machines are in full service, two of the current nodes
(node3 and node4) will be retired to allow them to be replaced with newer
machines as the Binary Factory shutdown approaches (watch this space).

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