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On Thu, Sep 9, 2021 at 9:54 AM Adriaan de Groot <groot at> wrote:

> Frameworks 5.86 haven't been released yet; from the calendar it looks like
> that will happen next week. However, there's a couple of Linux distro's
> that
> have packages up already. This makes the feed for frameworks
> a
> little weird -- 5.86.0 is "green" because it's latest, because it's
> available
> from two (?) distro's, but it's not officially released.
> Nearly everyone is red, because they ship the released 5.85.0.
> Regular people who might want to build-from-source (released tarballs, not
> git) can't even get the 5.86 tarballs yet.
> I happen to have access to the FreeBSD packaging "stage" tree, so I can
> see
> that Tobias -- who has access to that tree, and **also** access to the pre-
> release tarballs -- has prepared the packages for the release, but not
> pushed
> the button to move it from staging to the real tree. Pushing that button
> would
> break source builds for me, a regular(-ish) user, because I can't fetch
> the
> pre-release tarballs.
> Anyway, long-story short:
> - should distro's be packaging up pre-release tarballs?

That is the intention of providing the pre-release tarballs, yes.

- is there a polite tap-on-the-shoulder kind of message to send to distro's
> if
> the answer is "no", to remind them not to push out packages before the
> dust
> settles? (e.g. for respins &c)

If memory serves, the agreement for pre-release tarballs is that
distributions may package and test them internally, but they're not to make
them available to general users.
Where possible this should be achieved by protecting access to the
repository/archives, however if distribution systems don't allow for that
then they are supposed to make use of a location that is not advertised and
only share the details of that location with people in their own teams.

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