KDE Gear and hotfix releases, how to see whether a user has the hotfix?

Rolf Eike Beer kde at opensource.sf-tec.de
Wed Oct 27 15:26:21 BST 2021

Am Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2021, 15:51:50 CEST schrieb Sandro KnauƟ:
> Hi,
> in Debian we only can update Debian stable, than this needs to get approved
> by the release manages. This is done by filing a diff aganist the old
> version in stable. So providing just the patches is fine for Debian, as the
> commits normally also explain what they fix. This helps us and the release
> managers to understand why we need to update. In the end it boils down to
> the question, either update the version numer or not.

A bit unrelated here, but as an upstream developer that has to deal with 
bugreports that refer to distro package numbers: if upstream releases a new 
version that only contains changes that you will include, then please also 
bump the version number as upstream has done. Otherwise it becomes a nightmare 
to find out what code a user is actually running, i.e. dissecting the source 
debs and whatnot.


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