Requiring Qt 5.15 for KDE Frameworks 5?

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at
Sat Mar 27 11:51:37 GMT 2021

Hi everyone,

during the ongoing KDE Frameworks 6 sprint we were just contemplating 
whether we can bump the required Qt dependency for Frameworks 5 to Qt 5.15.

Reason being that Qt 5.15 includes a set of porting aids and 
forward-compatibility with Qt 6, such as version-less "Qt" rather than 
"Qt5" CMake target, various QStringView-related features, and so on.

We would like to start working on KDE Frameworks 6 on Qt 6 but still 
keep Frameworks 5 supported with as little overhead as possible, i.e. 
not having a gazillion ifdefs or even dedicated branch, which we would 
likely need, should we have to continue supporting Qt 5.14 in the process.

Are there any objections or concerns or potential release schedule 
conflicts if we did that?

Kai Uwe

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