Proposal: noting (rough) branching date in Gear schedule

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Jul 15 23:44:13 BST 2021

El dissabte, 10 de juliol de 2021, a les 1:14:38 (CEST), Friedrich W. H. Kossebau va escriure:
> Hi,
> TL;DR Let's document the rough date for branching in the Gear schedule, so 
> it's less a surprise and can be planned with.
> Other than Plasma and KDE Frameworks, with KDE Gear the branching on a new 
> main release does not happen the same day as the Beta tagging, but some time 
> before, given the amount of work involved with the big amount of repos which 
> needs a bigger time window, where those doing the work cannot easily be sure 
> to be able to do that on a certain day when the schedule is planned and agreed 
> on months/weeks before.
> Right now the schedule simply omits any mention of the branching (cmp. e.g. 
> And I might not 
> be the only one who is caught by surprise every time :) because one forgot 
> what happened 3 months before and also mixes things up with how Plasma & KF do 
> it.
> And as by tendency one usually has some MRs around which should get in before 
> feature freeze setting in, the branching can get in the way, despite the 
> information being given post-branching usually by email and blog post 
> As Albert and Heiko, as just discussed on irc, think they should be able to at 
> least commit to planning the branching between dependency freeze and Beta 
> tagging, I hereby propose to have the rough branching date officially 
> documented in the schedule from now on.

Would you be able to come up with a wording you'd like in addition to all the stuff we have in ?


> Cheers
> Friedrich

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