Proposal: noting (rough) branching date in Gear schedule

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sat Jul 10 00:14:38 BST 2021


TL;DR Let's document the rough date for branching in the Gear schedule, so 
it's less a surprise and can be planned with.

Other than Plasma and KDE Frameworks, with KDE Gear the branching on a new 
main release does not happen the same day as the Beta tagging, but some time 
before, given the amount of work involved with the big amount of repos which 
needs a bigger time window, where those doing the work cannot easily be sure 
to be able to do that on a certain day when the schedule is planned and agreed 
on months/weeks before.

Right now the schedule simply omits any mention of the branching (cmp. e.g. And I might not 
be the only one who is caught by surprise every time :) because one forgot 
what happened 3 months before and also mixes things up with how Plasma & KF do 
And as by tendency one usually has some MRs around which should get in before 
feature freeze setting in, the branching can get in the way, despite the 
information being given post-branching usually by email and blog post 

As Albert and Heiko, as just discussed on irc, think they should be able to at 
least commit to planning the branching between dependency freeze and Beta 
tagging, I hereby propose to have the rough branching date officially 
documented in the schedule from now on.


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