KDE Frameworks 5.75.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Oct 5 08:29:35 BST 2020

Dear packagers,

KDE Frameworks 5.75.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.

New frameworks: none this time.

Public release next Saturday.

Thanks for the packaging work!

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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attica v5.75.0-rc1
fcc0b11620de9d88141fcb36aa2eddc19a78c023a2c753eb9de404271280288d  sources/attica-5.75.0.tar.xz
baloo v5.75.0-rc1
e26e0b76eb57889592131c7a95134e32288a8c67d6660342dcc961f37c1926f0  sources/baloo-5.75.0.tar.xz
bluez-qt v5.75.0-rc1
f00446dd89a0d1340256b7c4a1f38de05e5be04a76298956e4bcd153979bad3f  sources/bluez-qt-5.75.0.tar.xz
breeze-icons v5.75.0-rc1
21985f62c111e60ebd34bd632b3ee06bb01a1f9f1671d1295f0d24bc21e106a2  sources/breeze-icons-5.75.0.tar.xz
extra-cmake-modules v5.75.0-rc1
878d47a901056d5303bf37414d787046e1d38fac2bd9f2f5ddd00a9dd6b9f4eb  sources/extra-cmake-modules-5.75.0.tar.xz
frameworkintegration v5.75.0-rc1
a98dc6aa464f35f97ef51bfa7873d6d905623417543aaf94ec974f24603e3b0b  sources/frameworkintegration-5.75.0.tar.xz
kactivities v5.75.0-rc1
d25fa31d9ad8bed6af1adbd589945494d1f5741e18e7bb5d67371749c6565e08  sources/kactivities-5.75.0.tar.xz
kactivities-stats v5.75.0-rc1
eee926b1d49c460f1220957e52858df5271aee3b9c77b848e2969f0afe743aad  sources/kactivities-stats-5.75.0.tar.xz
kapidox v5.75.0-rc1
80e2a7bb86ed6c87c9d556d5c0f4059e3968fdbbc585bc041a55d130455d07d2  sources/kapidox-5.75.0.tar.xz
karchive v5.75.0-rc1
0c833c766d2301335490a1b36197bae20b2e45d1350f4f8100e6e00d5502eaab  sources/karchive-5.75.0.tar.xz
kauth v5.75.0-rc1
c2c316b783f3d531c6f3a308087dcdc59211920df8b10f6814272ebf6c8fd083  sources/kauth-5.75.0.tar.xz
kbookmarks v5.75.0-rc1
56320e443ba0ec52822b84a968ada0e34331b12251f84df839fc165fcb14e458  sources/kbookmarks-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcalendarcore v5.75.0-rc1
02ff08c6462a5f0552c85a1da98320ca0a1c8d7295a05230f4b27b7a3f0a3dbc  sources/kcalendarcore-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcmutils v5.75.0-rc1
dd7926548cd05b98c0013cbeac204e47860c517b9121a80c3a739bbbffaba3cd  sources/kcmutils-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcodecs v5.75.0-rc1
cf4498c00368cc667910776cf54de02838f17b5f2d0bd48749ec5a2000346327  sources/kcodecs-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcompletion v5.75.0-rc1
409b2759b6ac476b16fd6b5efd78381e9a840bae041fef35285404d2b79eeeff  sources/kcompletion-5.75.0.tar.xz
kconfig v5.75.0-rc1
38aa7cabcb042d3f2614d0229f7a4f65952b19b5c7edd78ee2b0401fd6dd4290  sources/kconfig-5.75.0.tar.xz
kconfigwidgets v5.75.0-rc1
cd99dc233d1aaf30fbb910f2f268cffc1e11d3480b7c592d2a566aaf4812f083  sources/kconfigwidgets-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcontacts v5.75.0-rc1
8c77f9c5cf9ea630c779096a91f96322f34adc66c9fa64a85dddb294a905d069  sources/kcontacts-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcoreaddons v5.75.0-rc1
9ca2cf82ddc12e27ff73aaefdf616c3eb6552a3a5531f014b5bf52a34a4c73f9  sources/kcoreaddons-5.75.0.tar.xz
kcrash v5.75.0-rc1
1c8950bf699e4df86c2ebe29a364be53017b45d127c1d052c7ac4ef13b96db3a  sources/kcrash-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdav v5.75.0-rc1
4442abb9afb177085e9d2c82cdb87c67f7992d770b1bee922b84806b9f44256e  sources/kdav-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdbusaddons v5.75.0-rc1
25826b091a22d876621dca040ca47ea1ec34119d300be91f19629a82c7f84af1  sources/kdbusaddons-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdeclarative v5.75.0-rc1
585b3b7d97c26542c8325050d1c4f7e36cf6111c43cf630cd2a729a36963109b  sources/kdeclarative-5.75.0.tar.xz
kded v5.75.0-rc1
dd811f4e8058348f772133d910aa8623fde4208c50c7d7a834605cf04f8f097d  sources/kded-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdelibs4support v5.75.0-rc1
54466e73d05dfbb6ffd65b2018d689b8c807e0569e59da29a70daf2ac195461d  sources/portingAids/kdelibs4support-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdesignerplugin v5.75.0-rc1
fd8812b4fb6922091b53da72eb74104f9438be3063e65ffe23d6948a292f18e9  sources/portingAids/kdesignerplugin-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdesu v5.75.0-rc1
c9ac069e7958f95f69891b78bd752310688624dc02f6e1595d4c41645f0a2bd9  sources/kdesu-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdewebkit v5.75.0-rc1
c02b5e206713e436b464eb6c5813096736d3806b458fdf0502b8920efe12e400  sources/portingAids/kdewebkit-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdnssd v5.75.0-rc1
3f197cabab50316fdc6852b90a3ec064ba99b2c8289093198c76d21ec03ddc8b  sources/kdnssd-5.75.0.tar.xz
kdoctools v5.75.0-rc1
4463dd3021ebff078a92d0556f37cbfa1b16ba970e8ad510bf397bd55f49381a  sources/kdoctools-5.75.0.tar.xz
kemoticons v5.75.0-rc1
4ac70cee9d7fafe6ef9668d37a146489b341804e0bf0dba6a7cce2d6ecaa78c1  sources/kemoticons-5.75.0.tar.xz
kfilemetadata v5.75.0-rc1
2798207b796cc37638d3a4fe84cb8be1479b074db772c12d402fc6bfbd5cf0ca  sources/kfilemetadata-5.75.0.tar.xz
kglobalaccel v5.75.0-rc1
a4d0e1f87317870120772444fa6736ce020668675be08d5e445a3ce5a60355d4  sources/kglobalaccel-5.75.0.tar.xz
kguiaddons v5.75.0-rc1
58aba1bd986020f7b4bde0d35a7b09730716cbdffde734e6d29cc9d18500253b  sources/kguiaddons-5.75.0.tar.xz
kholidays v5.75.0-rc1
2ff86514a1165c88fc81b47476c5671b5e840633d3bf04cfe513881e4a0db7e5  sources/kholidays-5.75.0.tar.xz
khtml v5.75.0-rc1
942951da89f0a1d7f74d5771bcfa166f8851e94923952d86c0d62ee445d43f25  sources/portingAids/khtml-5.75.0.tar.xz
ki18n v5.75.0-rc1
71f22a4ef4a9e750a1813c9fe37b552d9e053e6e2249079b5908d078160130d3  sources/ki18n-5.75.0.tar.xz
kiconthemes v5.75.0-rc1
250b551ecfc5381c36267c51fdc86948ed85b1f477b12bd15a57d2d4e44a88db  sources/kiconthemes-5.75.0.tar.xz
kidletime v5.75.0-rc1
da1a980bec52f00baa20bb1f886fc32392587ffd467404888d3a1cb5897bd200  sources/kidletime-5.75.0.tar.xz
kimageformats v5.75.0-rc1
7ea083bc1b67cf069df1bcf3235f00a750a269cfb38b5ade6e971ece11e46a65  sources/kimageformats-5.75.0.tar.xz
kinit v5.75.0-rc1
f4f6f0caf7bfe7a321b0e822735ac5377e2b46600249ae77010a1252a5b87647  sources/kinit-5.75.0.tar.xz
kio v5.75.0-rc1
27af8d83d0ea6c68fc62675a0d0d34e94489e9e518c4a4c32fa9d4784510bc8e  sources/kio-5.75.0.tar.xz
kirigami v5.75.0-rc1
cde28a432e2ce56aae6f29eb557dc838af6846eb7dcba587113f73ebf11fca7d  sources/kirigami2-5.75.0.tar.xz
kitemmodels v5.75.0-rc1
fb3f4caa2e55ffb5e21ea8f65bcb6ea9b074c54f9dbbce458ba7320d6c50fdb6  sources/kitemmodels-5.75.0.tar.xz
kitemviews v5.75.0-rc1
071f2886cfb213c01cfeb26a9c98b26b720ff6928c5db04d4ead9ca34f72cac1  sources/kitemviews-5.75.0.tar.xz
kjobwidgets v5.75.0-rc1
6cac9b64d4b13211e5f3c001986933ae461af4d08ef1e5351e2cfd432c22b478  sources/kjobwidgets-5.75.0.tar.xz
kjs v5.75.0-rc1
d7411680164f2c9d989528d690888a703c15cd106cddb2665f1325dfb5fe2efa  sources/portingAids/kjs-5.75.0.tar.xz
kjsembed v5.75.0-rc1
1127c6f558f9272881ec733a21caa0b93376d9a86ffd2a7558fc299fb3a7efe3  sources/portingAids/kjsembed-5.75.0.tar.xz
kmediaplayer v5.75.0-rc1
17cb03fe28f830fd21b5ad7ab93852395ee32cb8de053a026d7402a68a81d796  sources/portingAids/kmediaplayer-5.75.0.tar.xz
knewstuff v5.75.0-rc1
1a1f8771ac879e7f08ce688c63a9b0f8bb60d8d3460acf739752c5e05d26c980  sources/knewstuff-5.75.0.tar.xz
knotifications v5.75.0-rc1
15be8f602c3f364b0b72be837c41ddc622a5447129b9d3dcb355f297dc18f9db  sources/knotifications-5.75.0.tar.xz
knotifyconfig v5.75.0-rc1
b98f5ff6f92e147d36e1204261895ee1557af847ede00333b0cb946dcd00a94b  sources/knotifyconfig-5.75.0.tar.xz
kpackage v5.75.0-rc1
9dd7b8fb029a52c886e2b6c43c4492720851b1242659ebd5dd4a066e569733eb  sources/kpackage-5.75.0.tar.xz
kparts v5.75.0-rc1
ea745811e4b14a9c62fae161eb6bf97306d28a082e25430dac183d0772ba7fee  sources/kparts-5.75.0.tar.xz
kpeople v5.75.0-rc1
8b8a8fa8829db7b36c0bf0eeb3bc9ba4733d7ce8b9db6bd3b2721a3f39d40367  sources/kpeople-5.75.0.tar.xz
kplotting v5.75.0-rc1
55fded2f312d104fe9e22c6baa04fc125dba9bba45db03f02f6811ab3f04a0ae  sources/kplotting-5.75.0.tar.xz
kpty v5.75.0-rc1
ef5484c65fae63acf744787293e74008601063a5eb74f3183449e85895e27c67  sources/kpty-5.75.0.tar.xz
kquickcharts v5.75.0-rc1
1f5167d656792c192a49326eeb46de0a02fa0bfb920c2c841aa4d4ce94388111  sources/kquickcharts-5.75.0.tar.xz
kross v5.75.0-rc1
59b34c638893e9489d545c0ae7b5751208ced9315981d59719af28815b258757  sources/portingAids/kross-5.75.0.tar.xz
krunner v5.75.0-rc1
50383177abd782ad852985162a00d86e94d1abf8775ceb75825a7015fff21c66  sources/krunner-5.75.0.tar.xz
kservice v5.75.0-rc1
17ceccf833d8da807dfaee2c3eb5c0ca7ee6b876c2454b5d6914a91eeb0a7f80  sources/kservice-5.75.0.tar.xz
ktexteditor v5.75.0-rc1
acb689e7d5fdaeb43dd2450cd51bca7153d3923df968be46e4aaf2871232f983  sources/ktexteditor-5.75.0.tar.xz
ktextwidgets v5.75.0-rc1
6b92145ceaa758b1d73a337078771899ad14b8ade26c5388cb04f752b982521a  sources/ktextwidgets-5.75.0.tar.xz
kunitconversion v5.75.0-rc1
bb0587276d081163cb86328370c77d9ebc109fc3b633f46af299656de900a36a  sources/kunitconversion-5.75.0.tar.xz
kwallet v5.75.0-rc1
87b28d5b0c93f6085d6ccabc78b3e21590889767432ef22316f3e87322df1363  sources/kwallet-5.75.0.tar.xz
kwayland v5.75.0-rc1
4476113932b26484698b09a4653c8ffc9772122f4ada42b0cb327527f8f2d9c0  sources/kwayland-5.75.0.tar.xz
kwidgetsaddons v5.75.0-rc1
9e46a967e7f98f570ab97d231e648770b0c6056a34d8efe0b3201a14f0e17bc0  sources/kwidgetsaddons-5.75.0.tar.xz
kwindowsystem v5.75.0-rc1
4c180ec41aad90ed83e97db72216913e650b2719946803eec0d6e4cee7aab743  sources/kwindowsystem-5.75.0.tar.xz
kxmlgui v5.75.0-rc1
8d5a45cf5ddeb650f76f16872e2b6c7a8d808757fc23d3000e11803bf83f7c91  sources/kxmlgui-5.75.0.tar.xz
kxmlrpcclient v5.75.0-rc1
8292beafee7a1ea2ad81d1e7603c35a0fe69e585d0d5cbe6c546d4a97741dc8b  sources/portingAids/kxmlrpcclient-5.75.0.tar.xz
modemmanager-qt v5.75.0-rc1
9e1ab6e61421ab5fb227f0c04593b27e067f1855a111a0192514d99e442bce80  sources/modemmanager-qt-5.75.0.tar.xz
networkmanager-qt v5.75.0-rc1
ba9d15eb5e0e624ffaac591cdaad43dc62e60ccfa25b98be686b58800b41018b  sources/networkmanager-qt-5.75.0.tar.xz
oxygen-icons5 v5.75.0-rc1
c50d58e7f67ef3011bf169a38a6d4fe11b5bdc383a5adcdbb46c6fdc1605e503  sources/oxygen-icons5-5.75.0.tar.xz
plasma-framework v5.75.0-rc1
a6a68cdfeaeded999ebe7207c524f8a4a6fd13562a6d95b9f6137730ada0697a  sources/plasma-framework-5.75.0.tar.xz
prison v5.75.0-rc1
7e1ee466b0eed9b861f9b746dc5579f1e82d5e165696116c5c657dd35038ade0  sources/prison-5.75.0.tar.xz
purpose v5.75.0-rc1
7c9ccf7d2813a9253a217d7a2da1f0ba39dd0eec0bb071633fe58dcd2ccb0ffb  sources/purpose-5.75.0.tar.xz
qqc2-desktop-style v5.75.0-rc1
770895c4363973ddcbac281526de8297a4df37bfe1df08be59e62a8caf9368d3  sources/qqc2-desktop-style-5.75.0.tar.xz
solid v5.75.0-rc1
471bb76ca0971ab945f2270490b1f72300d86b2b36094ac610e5af69df738a77  sources/solid-5.75.0.tar.xz
sonnet v5.75.0-rc1
626055b262b3a43e6e947cf7f0383565324f42d6b24ab07b98c6cf054271c9e0  sources/sonnet-5.75.0.tar.xz
syndication v5.75.0-rc1
922a938c6a96287075eae1f5fd18d343e9fdbbb5213d1f5f9b0c454986b6008c  sources/syndication-5.75.0.tar.xz
syntax-highlighting v5.75.0-rc1
c5db1b9a268fa81a1cf72e83c1b3147e4cf4e043da45d917df0165f42ca0d07f  sources/syntax-highlighting-5.75.0.tar.xz
threadweaver v5.75.0-rc1
d082f863fb119e2b98c9e01877b2730eedc0b54392449e3cc9bd54d7803d16ff  sources/threadweaver-5.75.0.tar.xz
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### Baloo

* [AdvancedQueryParser] Relax parsing of string ending with parentheses
* [AdvancedQueryParser] Relax parsing of string ending with comparator
* [AdvancedQueryParser] Fix out-of-bound access if last character is a comparator
* [Term] Replace Term::Private constructor with default values
* [BasicIndexingJob] Shortcut XAttr retrieval for files without attributes
* [extractor] Fix document type in extraction result
* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### BluezQt

* Add rfkill property to manager
* Add status property to rfkill
* Register Rfkill for QML
* Export Rfkill
* Support providing service data values for LE advertisements

### Breeze Icons

* Add new generic "behavior" icon
* Make icon validation depend on icon generation only if enabled
* Replace 24px icon bash script with python script
* Use flag style iconography for view-calendar-holiday
* Add Plasma Nano logo
* Add application-x-kmymoney
* Add KMyMoney icon

### Extra CMake Modules

* fix fetch-translations for invent urls
* Include FeatureSummary and find modules
* Introduce plausibility check for outbound licenes
* Add CheckAtomic.cmake
* Fix configuring with pthread on Android 32 bit
* add RENAME parameter to ecm_generate_dbus_service_file
* Fix find_library on Android with NDK < 22
* Explicitly sort Android version lists
* Store Android {min,target,compile}Sdk in variables

### KDE Doxygen Tools

* Licensing improvements
* Fix api.kde.org on mobile
* Make api.kde.org a PWA

### KArchive

* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KAuth

* use new install var (bug 415938)
* Mark David Edmundson as maintainer for KAuth

### KCalendarCore

* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KCMUtils

* Remove handling for inside events from tab hack (bug 423080)

### KCompletion

* Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KConfig

* CMake: Also set SKIP_AUTOUIC on generated files
* Use reverse order in KDesktopFile::locateLocal to iterate over generic config paths

### KConfigWidgets

* Fix isDefault that cause the KCModule to not properly update its default state
* [kcolorscheme]: Add isColorSetSupported to check if a colour scheme has a given color set
* [kcolorscheme] Properly read custom Inactive colors for the backgrounds

### KContacts

* Remove obsolete license file for LGPL-2.0-only
* Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KCoreAddons

* KJob: emit result() and finished() at most once
* Add protected KJob::isFinished() getter
* Deprecate KRandomSequence in favour of QRandomGenerator
* Initialize variable in header class + const'ify variable/pointer
* harden message-based tests against environment (bug 387006)
* simplify qrc watching test (bug 387006)
* refcount and delete KDirWatchPrivate instances (bug 423928)
* Deprecate KBackup::backupFile() due to lost functionality
* Deprecate KBackup::rcsBackupFile(...) due to no known users

### KDBusAddons

* Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KDeclarative

* QML for I18n are added in KF 5.17
* Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
* Block shortcuts when recording key sequences (bug 425979)
* Add SettingHighlighter as a manual version of the highlighting done by SettingStateBinding

### KDELibs 4 Support

* KStandardDirs: always resolve symlinks for config files

### KHolidays #

* Uncommented description fields for mt_* holiday files
* Add national holidays for Malta in both English (en-gb) and Maltese (mt)

### KI18n

* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KIO

* KUrlNavigator: always use "desktop:/" not "desktop:"
* Support DuckDuckGo bang syntax in Webshortcuts (bug 374637)
* KNewFileMenu: KIO::mostLocalUrl is useful with :local protocols only
* Deprecate KIO::pixmapForUrl
* kio_trash: remove unnecessarily strict permission check (bug 76380)
* OpenUrlJob: handle all text scripts consistently (bug 425177)
* KProcessRunner: more systemd metadata
* KDirOperator: don't call setCurrentItem on an empty url (bug 425163)
* KNewFileMenu: fix creating new dir with name starting with ':' (bug 425396)
* StatJob: make it clearer that mostLocalUrl works only with :local protocols
* Document how to add new "random" roles in kfileplacesmodel.h
* Remove old kio_fonts hack in KCoreDirLister, hostname was stripped incorrectly
* KUrlCompletion: accommodate ":local" protocols that use hostname in url
* Split code of addServiceActionsTo method into smaller methods
* [kio] BUG: Allowing double-quotes in open/save dialog (bug 185433)
* StatJob: cancel job if url is invalid (bug 426367)
* Connect slots explicitly instead of using auto-connections
* Make filesharingpage API actually work

### Kirigami

* AbstractApplicationHeader: anchors.fill instead of position-dependent anchoring
* Improve look and consistency of GlobalDrawerActionItem
* Remove form indent for narrow layouts
* Revert "allow customize the header colors"
* allow customize the header colors
* Add missing @since for the painted area properties
* Introduce QtQuick Image style paintedWidth/paintedHeight properties
* Add a placeholder image property to icon (in the style of fallback)
* Remove Icon's custom implicitWidth/implicitHeight behavior
* Guard potentially-null pointer (turns out to be surprisingly common)
* protected setStaus
* Introduce status property
* Support ImageResponse and Texture type image providers in Kirigami::Icon
* Warn people not to use ScrollView in ScrollablePage
* Revert "always show separator"
* make mobilemode support custom title delegates
* Hide breadcrumbs separator line if buttons layout is visible but 0 width (bug 426738)
* [icon] Consider icon invalid when source is an empty URL
* Change Units.fontMetrics to actually use FontMetrics
* Add Kirigami.FormData.labelAlignment property
* always show separator
* Use Header colors for desktop style AbstractApplicationHeader
* Use the context of the component when creating delegates for ToolBarLayout
* Abort and delete incubators when deleting ToolBarLayoutDelegate
* Remove actions and delegates from ToolBarLayout when they get destroyed (bug 425670)
* Replace use of c-style pointer cast in sizegroup
* binary constants are a C++14 extension
* sizegroup: Fix enum not handled warnings
* sizegroup: Fix 3arg connects
* sizegroup: Add CONSTANT to signal
* Fix a few cases of using range loops on non-const Qt containers
* Constrain button height in global toolbar
* Display a separator between breadcrumbs and the icons to the left
* Size ApplicationHeaders using the SizeGroup
* Introduce SizeGroup
* Fix: make refresh indicator appear above list headers
* put overlaysheets over drawers

### KItemModels

* ignore sourceDataChanged on invalid indexes
* Support for KDescendantProxyModel "collapsing" nodes

### KNewStuff

* Manually track the life cycle of our kpackage runner internals
* Update versions for "fake" kpackage updates (bug 427201)
* Do not use default parameter when not needed
* Fix crash when installing kpackages (bug 426732)
* Detect when the cache changes and react accordingly
* Fix updating of entry if version number is empty (bug 417510)
* Const'ify pointer + initialize variable in header
* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
* Accept suggest takeover of maintainership

### KNotification

* Lower Android plugin until new Gradle is available
* Use Android SDK versions from ECM
* Deprecate KNotification constructor taking widget parameter

### KPackage Framework

* Fix DBus notifications when installed/updated
* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later

### KParts

* Install krop & krwp servicetype definition files by file name matching type

### KQuickCharts

* Avoid binding loop inside Legend
* Remove check for GLES3 in SDFShader (bug 426458)

### KRunner

* Add matchRegex property to prevent unnecessary thread spawning
* Allow to set actions in QueryMatch
* Allow to specify individual actions for D-Bus runner matches
* Relicense files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
* Add min letter count property
* Consider XDG_DATA_HOME env variable for template install dirs
* Improve error messages for D-Bus runners
* Start to emit metadata porting warnings at runtime

### KService

* bring back disableAutoRebuild from the brink (bug 423931)

### KTextEditor

* [kateprinter] Portaway from deprecated QPrinter methods
* Don't create temporary buffer to detect mimetype for saved local file
* avoid hang due to dictionary and trigrams loading on first typing
* [Vimode]Always show  a-z buffers in lower case
* [KateFadeEffect]emit hideAnimationFinished() when a fade out is interrupted by a fade in
* ensure pixel perfect border even for scaled rendering
* ensure we overpaint the border separator over all other stuff like folding highlights
* move separator from between icon border and line numbers to between bar and text
* [Vimode]Fix behavior of numbered registers
* [Vimode]Put deleted text to the proper register
* Restore behavior of find selected when no selection is available
* no further LGPL-2.1-only or LGPL-3.0-only files
* re-license files to LGPL-2.0-or-later
* use not needed set method for some theme colors
* 5.75 will be once incompatible, default to 'Auto Color Theme Selection' for themes
* alter scheme => theme in the code to avoid confusion
* shorten proposed license header to current state
* ensure we always end up with some valid theme
* improve Copy... dialog
* fix more new => copy naming
* add some KMessageWidget that hints for read-only themes to copy them, rename new => copy
* disable editing of read-only themes
* saving of highlighting specific style overrides works, only diffs are saved
* simplify attribute creation, transparent colors are now properly handled in Format
* try to limit export to changes attributes, this halfway works, but we still export the wrong names for included definitions
* start to compute the 'real' defaults based on current theme and formats without style overrides for the highlighting
* fix reset action
* storing of syntax specific overrides, at the moment just all stuff that got loaded into the tree view is stored
* start to work on syntax highlighting specific overrides, at the moment, show just the styles a highlighting really has itself
* allow default style changes changes to be saved
* allow color changes to be saved
* implement theme export: simple file copy
* no highlighting specific import/export, makes no sense with new .theme format
* implement .theme file import
* theme new & delete work, new will copy the current theme as start point
* use theme colors everywhere
* rip out more old schema code in favor of KSyntaxHighlighting::Theme
* start to use the colors as set by the theme, without own logic around this
* initialize m_pasteSelection and increase UI file version
* add shortcut for paste mouse selection
* avoid setTheme, we just can pass our theme to the helper functions
* fix tooltip, this will just reset to theme default
* export default styles configuration to json theme
* start to work on theme json export, activated by using the .theme extension in the export dialog
* rename 'Use KDE Color Theme' to 'Use Default Colors', that is the actual effect
* don't ship empty 'KDE' theme by default
* support automatic selection of right theme for current Qt/KDE color theme
* convert old theme names to new ones, use new config file, transfer data once
* move font config to appearance, rename scheme => color theme
* remove hardcoded default theme name, use KSyntaxHighlighting accessors
* load fallback colors from theme
* don't bundle embedded colors at all
* use right function to lookup theme
* editor colors are now used from Theme
* use the KSyntaxHighlighting::Theme::EditorColorRole enum
* handle Normal => Default transition
* first step: load theme list from KSyntaxHighlighting, now we have them already as known schemes in KTextEditor

### KUnitConversion

* Use uppercase for Fuel Efficiency

### KWayland

* Don't cache QList::end() iterator if erase() is used

### KWidgetsAddons

* kviewstateserializer.cpp - crash guards in restoreScrollBarState()

### KWindowSystem

* Relicense files to be compatible with LGPL-2.1


* [kmainwindow] Don't delete entries from an invalid kconfiggroup (bug 427236)
* Don't overlap main windows when opening additional instances (bug 426725)
* [kmainwindow] Don't create native windows for non-toplevel windows (bug 424024)
* KAboutApplicationDialog: avoid empty "Libraries" tab if HideKdeVersion is set
* Show language code in addition to (translated) language name in switch application language dialog
* Deprecate KShortcutsEditor::undoChanges() in favour of new undo()
* Handle double close in main window (bug 416728)

### Plasma Framework

* Fix plasmoidheading.svgz being installed to the wrong place (bug 426537)
* Provide a lastModified value in ThemeTest
* Detect that we are looking for an empty element and quit early
* Make PlasmaComponents3 Tooltips use the typical tooltip style (bug 424506)
* Use Header colors in PlasmoidHeading headers
* Change PC2 TabBar highlight movement animation easing type to OutCubic
* Add support for Tooltip color set
* Fix PC3 Button/ToolButton icons not always having the right color set (bug 426556)
* Ensure FrameSvg uses lastModified timestamp when using cache (bug 426674)
* Ensure we always have a valid lastModified timestamp when setImagePath is called
* Deprecate a lastModified timestamp of 0 in Theme::findInCache (bug 426674)
* Adapt QQC2 import to new versioning scheme
* [windowthumbnail] Verify that the relevant GLContext exists, not any
* Add missing PlasmaCore import to ButtonRow.qml
* Fix a few more reference errors in PlasmaExtras.ListItem
* Fix error for implicitBackgroundWidth in PlasmaExtras.ListItem
* Call edit mode "Edit Mode"
* Fix a TypeError in QueryDialog.qml
* Fix ReferenceError to PlasmaCore in Button.qml

### QQC2StyleBridge

* Also use highlight text color when checkDelegate is highlighted (bug 427022)
* Respect scrollbar click to jump to position setting (bug 412685)
* Don't inherit colors in desktop toolbar style by default
* Relicense file to LGPL-2.0-or-later
* Use header colors only for header toolbars
* Move color set declaration to a place where it can be overridden
* Use Header colors for Desktop style ToolBar
* add the missing isItem property necessary for trees

### Sonnet

* Downgrade trigrams output

### Syntax Highlighting

* AppArmor: fix regexp of paths detection
* AppArmor: update highlighting for AppArmor 3.0
* color cache for rgb to ansi256colors conversions (speeds up markdown loading)
* SELinux: use include keywords
* SubRip Subtitles & Logcat: small improvements
* generator for doxygenlua.xml
* Fix doxygen latex formulas (bug 426466)
* use Q_ASSERT like in remaining framework + fix asserts
* rename --format-trace to --syntax-trace
* apply a style to regions
* trace contexts and regions
* use editor background color by default
* ANSI highlighter
* Add copyright and update separator color in Radical theme
* Update separator color in the Solarized themes
* Improve color of separator and icon border for Ayu, Nord and Vim Dark themes
* make separator color less intrusive
* import Kate schema to theme converter by Juraj Oravec
* more prominent section about licensing, link our MIT.txt copy
* first template for base16 generator, https://github.com/chriskempson/base16
* add proper license information to all themes
* Add Radical color theme
* Add Nord color theme
* improve themes showcase to show more styles
* adding gruvbox light and dark themes, MIT licensed
* Add ayu color theme (with light, dark and mirage variants)
* Add POSIX alternate for simple variable assignment
* tools to generate a graph from a syntax file
* fix auto-conversion of unset QRgb == 0 color to "black" instead of "transparent"
* Add Debian changelog and control example files
* add the 'Dracula' color theme

### Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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