Please make kio-extras dependency on kdsoap optional due to (temporary) license issues

Luca Beltrame lbeltrame at
Mon Mar 23 13:12:08 GMT 2020


(distributions at CC'd)

kio-extras for 20.04 has gained a new, mandatory dependency in the form of the 
kdsoap library. However, this library has currently some licensing issues[1]
[2] (first one already fixed) which can prevent the use by some distributions 
(these came up when reviewing the package in openSUSE). 

Given the fact that due to the worldwide disruptions caused by the current 
pandemic it might not be reasonable to have these issues fixed by the time 
20.04 is out, I'd like to ask for this dependency to be made optional. The 
alternative is that some distributions that are keen on the licensing aspects 
(Debian, for example) might not ship kdsoap, and thus kio-extras would be 
unshippable as well.

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