Calindori in release service

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Wed Jun 24 21:48:22 BST 2020

El dimecres, 24 de juny de 2020, a les 18:44:14 CEST, Dimitris Kardarakos va escriure:
> Hello everyone,
> I would like Calindori to be included in the release service. It has
> been in kdereview since April and I think it's time for a stable release.

It seems you haven't had [m]any standalone releases, right?

We usually encourage new apps to do a few of those on their own since it allows them to do a faster cycle than our 4 months one, which sometimes for new apps is useful.

But that's not me saying "no", just saying "are you sure?".

If you decide to join, would you want to follow the release service versioning or do you commit to properly increase the version number just in time of every release?


> Please let me know if something is needed from my side.
> Thanks,
> Dimitris

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