2 kirigami fixes for a point release

Nate Graham nate at kde.org
Tue Feb 18 21:28:38 GMT 2020

On 2/18/20 1:37 PM, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> I still don't see why this is a problem, as said Plasma depends on a myriad of libraries that are building each with their own release model, most probably with no bugfix releases at all either.

The "we don't control the whole stack" argument does not apply to parts 
of the stack that we do control. Improvement is possible even when 
perfection is not.

> Incidentally what happens is that those libraries are not buggy, and it seems the Plasma-facing parts of KF5 are, well, let's make them not be.

Agreed. Everyone wants less buggy releases.

However "less buggy releases" does not fully solve the problem for LTS 
distros that freeze their KF version. Without point releases of the 
version they freeze on, we are unable to ship fixes for regressions that 
do sneak in, and we are unable to ship fixes for old or longstanding 
issues that we find a way to fix later. We can do both of these things 
with Plasma. We cannot do either with Frameworks. That's the problem.

Ultimately I think we need to decide whether we want to fully support 
the Plasma LTS or can it. Right now we're in this awkward position where 
we can hand packagers tarballs with bugfix point releases of Plasma, but 
not Frameworks. Ultimately this means that there's a class of bug that 
just doesn't get fixed in the distros with LTS Plasma, which in the end 
makes us look bad.


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