2 kirigami fixes for a point release

Luca Beltrame lbeltrame at kde.org
Tue Feb 18 21:13:12 GMT 2020

In data martedì 18 febbraio 2020 19:26:21 CET, Nate Graham ha scritto:

> Neon is already an OS, whether or not you want to admit it. It's
> installed from an ISO. A hardware vendor (Slimbook) is shipping it on

Erm, where did I say that in my reply? ;)  I merely say that going "Neon or 
else unsupported" is a very downstream-hostile attitude, already seen with 
other software ("my way or the highway" in these cases) such as Audacity or 
Anki (the latter being one of the most downstream-hostile projects I've ever 

(Neon suffers from the same "LTS problem" for everything that's not KDE-made 
software, FTR, but that's not the issue I want to raise here)

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