KDEREVIEW: Proposing utilities/markdownpart to become community/release-service-managed

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Sat Aug 15 18:20:53 BST 2020


what is markdownpart you ask? A KParts plugin allowing to view markdown 
documents rendered e.g. in Kate's preview plugin, Ark, Krusader or Konqueror, 
being mainly a wrapper around QTextDocument::setMarkdown & QTextBrowser.
See here it being used with Kate's preview plugin:
Note: for now Qt 5.15-only, 5.14 possible but untested.

I would like to propose markdownpart for a move into community maintenance 
mode and becoming part of release service managed projects starting with RS 
20.12. It would match graphics/svgpart in the mode (whose code mode BTW is 
aƶso similar, mainly a wrapper around QSvgRenderer & QGraphicsView).

The code lives at https://invent.kde.org/utilities/markdownpart since 
I consider the project stable & done already though, given there are no more 
features I want myself and given it is based on existing code: mainly a copy 
of KMarkdownWebView, which itself was inspired/driven by e.g. KWebKit/
KWebEngine KParts code.
Some small glitches are with the search tool and incremental search sometimes, 
but that might be a bug in QTextDocument/QTextBrowser.

I have written this plugin mainly because "I could :P" and some people might 
like it, less because I want to use this myself everyday (personally dislike 
Markdown). So I would be interested to pass maintenance over into community 
domain, or interested individuals if there are. Otherwise it would be a 
candidate for the attic.

Today I released a first 0.1.0 version to make it spread and find users who 
fancy it:

Try yourself by building and installing with "kdesrc-build markdownpart" and 
picking "Markdown View (markdownpart)" as preferred embedding plugin for 
"text/markdown" in System Settings' File Associations submodule (part of 

So I hereby move markdownpart into kdereview mode.

Please give the code some eyeball times and comment for good and bad or 
missing stuff and whether you agree if this should become part of KDE 
community-managed set of software. Also hoping to see someone offering 
themselves to adopt this project as caring maintainer.


You might know the KParts plugin from KMarkdownWebView for the same purpose 

It had been written 3 years ago as quick&dirty solution, with an important 
statement in the README:
"The software should serve as intermediate solution until some native Qt-based 
implementation is done."

While there has been some native variant present meanwhile via the Okular 
Markdown support for some time, and available via the Okular KParts plugin, 
the paged display of Okular might not meet the desire of some to see the 
Markdown document rendered as single adaptive page.

With QTextDocument having gotten some native markdown-parsing support in Qt 
5.14, some recent discussion about whether to include KMarkdownWebView (and 
the QWeb* dependencies it brings) into Kate app bundles for the preview 
feature triggered me to give it a try to write a QTextDocument-based variant. 
Which turned out to be simple to do in an evening, and so here we are.


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