Heads-up: KContacts and KCalendarCore about to move to Frameworks

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Thu Sep 19 20:40:19 BST 2019

Christoph Feck ha scritto:
> Hello packagers,
> to minimize disruption caused by the git repo rename, I offered to
> distribute 19.08.x tarballs with the old name ('kcalcore' instead of
> 'kcalendarcore').
> On the other hand, for some packagers that already adjusted it might
> be convenient to also offer a tarball with its new name.
> Question:
> Would it be problematic if the next 19.08.x releases contain both a 'kcalcore'
> and a 'kcalendarcore' tarball, basically with the same
> content (except for the directory name)?

If people need the new name, shouldn't they simply use the new Frameworks package?

Of course, unless the Frameworks version is not a drop-in replacement (Volker?)


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