KDE Frameworks 5.63.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Oct 12 22:07:29 BST 2019

On lundi 7 octobre 2019 22:44:16 CEST David Faure wrote:
> > Changelog not ready yet, I'll clean it up and post it tonight.

Sorry for the delay, here it is.

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Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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### Breeze Icons

* Improve KFloppy icon (bug 412404)
* Add format-text-underline-squiggle actions icons (bug 408283)
* Add colorful preferences-desktop-filter icon (bug 406900)
* Add app icon for the Kirogi Drone control app
* Added scripts to create a webfont out of all breeze action icons
* Add enablefont and disablefont icon for kfontinst KCM
* Fix large system-reboot icons rotating in an inconsistent direction (bug 411671)

### Extra CMake Modules

* new module ECMSourceVersionControl
* Fix FindEGL when using Emscripten
* ECMAddQch: add INCLUDE_DIRS argument

### Framework Integration

* ensure winId() not called on non-native widgets (bug 412675)

### kcalendarcore

New module, previously known as kcalcore in kdepim

### KCMUtils

* Suppress mouse events in KCMs causing window moves
* adjust margins of KCMultiDialog (bug 411161)

### KCompletion

* [KComboBox] Properly disable Qt's builtin completer [regression fix]

### KConfig

* Fix generating properties that start with an uppercase letter

### KConfigWidgets

* Make KColorScheme compatible with QVariant

### kcontacts

New module, previously part of KDE PIM

### KCoreAddons

* Add KListOpenFilesJob

### KDeclarative

* Delete QQmlObjectSharedEngine context in sync with QQmlObject
* [KDeclarative] Port from deprecated QWheelEvent::delta() to angleDelta()

### KDELibs 4 Support

* Support NetworkManager 1.20 and do actually compile the NM backend

### KIconThemes

* Deprecate the global [Small|Desktop|Bar]Icon() methods

### KImageFormats

* Add files for testing bug411327
* xcf: Fix regression when reading files with "unsupported" properties
* xcf: Properly read image resolution
* Port HDR (Radiance RGBE) image loader to Qt5

### KIO

* [Places panel] Revamp the Recently Saved section
* [DataProtocol] compile without implicit coversion from ascii
* Consider the usage of WebDAV methods sufficient for assuming WebDAV
* REPORT also supports the Depth header
* Make QSslError::SslError <-> KSslError::Error conversion reusable
* Deprecate the KSslError::Error ctor of KSslError
* [Windows] fix listing the parent dir of C:\foo, that's C:\ and not C:
* Fix crash on exit in kio_file (bug 408797)
* Add == and != operators to KIO::UDSEntry
* Replace KSslError::errorString with QSslError::errorString
* Move/copy job: skip stat'ing sources if the destination dir isn't writable (bug 141564)
* Fixed interaction with DOS/Windows executables in KRun::runUrl
* [KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector] Properly identify teardown action (bug 403454)
* KCoreDirLister: fix crash when creating new folders from kfilewidget (bug 401916)
* [kpropertiesdialog] add icons for the size section
* Add icons for "Open With" and "Actions" menus
* Avoid initializing an unnecessary variable
* Move more functionality from KRun::runCommand/runApplication to KProcessRunner
* [Advanced Permissions] Fix icon names (bug 411915)
* [KUrlNavigatorButton] Fix QString usage to not use [] out of bounds
* Make KSslError hold a QSslError internally
* Split KSslErrorUiData from KTcpSocket
* Port kpac from QtScript

### Kirigami

* always cache just the last item
* more z (bug 411832)
* fix import version in PagePoolAction
* PagePool is Kirigami 2.11
* take into account dragging speed when a flick ends
* Fix copying urls to the clipboard
* check more if we are reparenting an actual Item
* basic support for ListItem actions
* introduce cachePages
* fix compatibility with Qt5.11
* introduce PagePoolAction
* new class: PagePool to manage recycling of pages after they're popped
* make tabbars look better
* some margin on the right (bug 409630)
* Revert "Compensate smaller icon sizes on mobile in the ActionButton"
* don't make list items look inactive (bug 408191)
* Revert "Remove scaling of iconsize unit for isMobile"
* Layout.fillWidth should be done by the client (bug 411188)
* Add template for Kirigami application development
* Add a mode to center actions and omit the title when using a ToolBar style (bug 402948)
* Compensate smaller icon sizes on mobile in the ActionButton
* Fixed some undefined properties runtime errors
* Fix ListSectionHeader background color for some color schemes
* Remove custom content item from ActionMenu separator

### KItemViews

* [KItemViews] Port to non-deprecated QWheelEvent API

### KJobWidgets

* cleanup dbus related objects early enough to avoid hang on program exit

### KJS

* Added startsWith(), endsWith() and includes() JS String functions
* Fixed Date.prototype.toJSON() called on non-Date objects

### KNewStuff

* Bring KNewStuffQuick to feature parity with KNewStuff(Widgets)

### KPeople

* Claim Android as a supported platform
* Deploy default avatar via qrc
* Bundle plugin files on Android
* Disable DBus pieces on Android
* Fix crash when monitoring a contact that gets removed on PersonData (bug 410746)
* Use fully qualified types on signals

### KRunner

* Consider UNC paths as NetworkShare context

### KService

* Move Amusement to Games directory instead of Games > Toys (bug 412553)
* [KService] Add copy constructor
* [KService] add workingDirectory(), deprecate path()

### KTextEditor

* try to avoid artifacts in text preview
* Variable expansion: Use std::function internally
* QRectF instead of QRect solves clipping issues, (bug 390451)
* next rendering artifact goes away if you adjust the clip rect a bit (bug 390451)
* avoid the font choosing magic and turn of anti aliasing (bug 390451)
* KadeModeMenuList: fix memory leaks and others
* try to scan for usable fonts, works reasonable well if you use no dumb scaling factor like 1.1
* Status bar mode menu: Reuse empty QIcon that is implicitly shared
* Expose KTextEditor::MainWindow::showPluginConfigPage()
* Replace QSignalMapper with lambda
* KateModeMenuList: use QString() for empty strings
* KateModeMenuList: add "Best Search Matches" section and fixes for Windows
* Variable expansion: Support QTextEdits
* Add keyboard shortcut for switching Input modes to edit menu (bug 400486)
* Variable expansion dialog: properly handle selection changes and item activation
* Variable expansion dialog: add filter line edit
* Backup on save: Support time and date string replacements (bug 403583)
* Variable expansion: Prefer return value over return argument
* Initial start of variables dialog
* use new format API

### KWallet Framework

* HiDPI support

### KWayland

* Sort files alphabetically in cmake list

### KWidgetsAddons

* Make OK button configurable in KMessageBox::sorry/detailedSorry
* [KCollapsibleGroupBox] Fix QTimeLine::start warning at runtime
* Improve naming of KTitleWidget icon methods
* Add QIcon setters for the password dialogs
* [KWidgetAddons] port to non-deprecated Qt API

### KWindowSystem

* Set XCB to required if building the X backend
* Make less use of deprecated enum alias NET::StaysOnTop


* Move "Full Screen Mode" item from Settings menu to View menu (bug 106807)

### NetworkManagerQt

* ActiveConnection: connect stateChanged() signal to correct interface

### Plasma Framework

* Export Plasma core lib log category, add a category to a qWarning
* [pluginloader] Use categorized logging
* make editMode a corona global property
* Honor global animation speed factor
* properly install whole plasmacomponent3
* [Dialog] Apply window type after changing flags
* Change reveal password button logic
* Fix crash on teardown with Applet's ConfigLoader (bug 411221)

### QQC2StyleBridge

* Fix several build system errors
* take margins from qstyle
* [Tab] Fix sizing (bug 409390)

### Syntax Highlighting

* Add syntax highlighting for RenPy (.rpy) (bug 381547)
* WordDetect rule: detect delimiters at the inner edge of the string
* Highlight GeoJSON files as if they were plain JSON
* Add syntax highlighting for SubRip Text (SRT) Subtitles
* Fix skipOffset with dynamic RegExpr (bug 399388)
* bitbake: handle embedded shell and python
* Jam: fix identifier in a SubRule
* Add syntax definition for Perl6 (bug 392468)
* support .inl extension for C++, not used by other xml files at the moment (bug 411921)
* support *.rej for diff highlighting (bug 411857)

### Security information

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