Deprecating Old Amarok Versions

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On Thu, 3 Oct 2019 at 11:47, Myriam Schweingruber <myriam at> wrote:
> Indeed, and some distros have already jumped the gun and ship a master
build without notifying their users that they ship a pre-beta version...
> About the bugs: those were already there in the Qt4 version, just not
that noticeable. What we need to do is port those pesky Plasma widgets to
QML. It's certainly not hard, but tiresome, at least the most used ones
need a port so we can make a tech preview release. Also, Qt6 is already
around the corner...
> As for the Qt4 versions: we didn't deprecate it on purpose, as there were
still distros shipping it, Suse and Debian are the last to have finally
jumped on the Qt5-wagon. Not talking about CentOS, as they lag behind
pretty much everything anyway...

It's up to distros what they do with our software, we can't control them,
but we can make a clear recommendation.  And once the dependencies no
longer exist in a supported way we should be responsible for the
applications that use that deps which we ship.

> So far I don't think we ever removed tarballs, moving to the attic makes
far more sense.

Of course that would be the way to do it.

> Did I mention that Amarok was never shipped with KDE application releases
anyway, so I don't see any urgency in here.

It doesn't especially matter who makes the releases.

> I let the sysadmins decide what is best...

We shouldn't burden sysadmins with even more policy decisions.


Regards, Myriam

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