KDE Applications 19.08.3 packages available for packagers

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Thu Nov 7 23:53:17 GMT 2019

El dijous, 7 de novembre de 2019, a les 23:17:46 CET, Christoph Feck va escriure:
> On 11/07/19 21:58, Rik Mills wrote:
> > That kcalcore tarball sets the wrong PIM version in cmake, 5.12.2
> > instead of 5.12.3, so other parts of PIM fail to build using that, as
> > they do not find kcalendarcore 5.12.3.
> Ouch, looks like the kcalcore repo was removed too early from the list 
> of PIM repos for bumping...
> How do we proceed? Doing a commit and creating a new tarball is not a 
> problem, but what about the tag?

We'd need to call it since the tarballs are already out putting a different 19.08.3 would be confusing (mirrors for example are known to go all "WHAT" when we do that).


> Additionally, the question arises if we need to increase the time 
> between availability of tarballs, and final release.

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