KDE Applications rename to KDE Apps Bundle

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Fri May 10 21:47:08 BST 2019

Il 10.05.2019 21:56 Nate Graham ha scritto:

> On 5/10/19 12:07 AM, Luigi Toscano wrote:
>> I strongly object this solution. "Apps bundle" is just another 
>> generic
>> name which does not solve the issue of people distinguishing between
>> "all applications/projects by KDE" and "that specific set of stuff 
>> (not
>> just applications) released together every 4 months".
> I think the root cause is that the bundle's contents *are* arbitrary.
> Why is Konsole in the bundle but Yakuake isn't? Why is Kdenlive in, 
> but
> Digikam isn't? JuK vs Elisa? Why isn't Discover in it?
> No name will succeed in differentiating the contents because right 
> now
> there's nothing to differentiate. To solve this problem, we'd need to
> either be more inclusive and try to get as many apps as possible into
> the bundle, or else clearly define what the bundle is and then be 
> more
> exclusive, removing apps that don't fit that definition.

The name does not need to differentiate the content. The name should be
a) unique enough so that searching for it would hit just its page
b) distinct enough from generic words like "Application", "Apps" and so 
on. The reason for that is to make sure that people don't confuse this 
bundle with "all the applications and libraries developed by KDE", which 
is a common source of confusion.

This has nothing to do with the content shipped with the bundle.


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