KDE Applications: Custom version numbers in depth

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue Jun 25 22:55:10 BST 2019

El diumenge, 23 de juny de 2019, a les 0:16:33 CEST, Alexander Potashev va escriure:
> Hi,
> Recently we discussed if applications that are part of the "KDE
> Applications" product should follow the same version numbering system:
> yy.mm.patch, e.g. 19.04.2.
> After performing a thought experiment, I came to a conclusion that I cannot
> property release, say, ktimetracker-5.0.0 with the current KDE Applications
> release process (note the version number is different from the standard
> 19.08.0).
> Here is how it goes:
>  1. I want a new app release named ktimetracker-5.0.0 which is logical
> because the latest release was something like ktimetracker-4.10.13
> (kdelibs4-based).
>  2. I want the source code for this release to be packed as
> ktimetracker-5.0.0.tar.xz, not to confuse those users who want to build the
> app from source. (The current release process of KDE Applications fails to
> do this already, it assumes all tarballs are named xxx-19.08.0.tar.xz).
> Ok, from now on let's imagine the release scripts learn how to name the
> tarballs in accordance with the apps' custom version numbers, say
> ktimetracker-5.0.0.tar.xz.
>  3. Assuming I apply for ktimetracker to join KDE Applications starting
> with 19.08 major release, and it passes kdereview, then KDE Applications
> 19.08 has its release schedule that says a Beta (19.07.80) and Release
> Candidate (19.07.90) should be released.
> And there is no way release scripts can guess what it would be for
> ktimetracker 5.0.0 Beta and ktimetracker 5.0.0 RC and how to name the
> tarballs:
>  - ktimetracker-4.99.80.tar.xz? (What if we already had
> ktimetracker-4.99.80 before?)
>  - ktimetracker-5.0.0-beta.tar.xz? (Will every Linux distro understand that
> 5.0.0 is newer than 5.0.0-beta?)
> One radical solution would be to never make Beta/RC releases again.

That's not a possibility :)

> Any other suggestions?

You stop caring about the 2 people that will get confused about the version number in the tarball name :)


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