KDE Applications: Custom version numbers in depth

Michael Pyne mpyne at kde.org
Sun Jun 23 16:05:06 BST 2019

On Sun, Jun 23, 2019 at 01:16:33AM +0300, Alexander Potashev wrote:
> Hi,
> Recently we discussed if applications that are part of the "KDE
> Applications" product should follow the same version numbering system:
> yy.mm.patch, e.g. 19.04.2.
> After performing a thought experiment, I came to a conclusion that I cannot
> property release, say, ktimetracker-5.0.0 with the current KDE Applications
> release process (note the version number is different from the standard
> 19.08.0).
> Here is how it goes:
>  1. I want a new app release named ktimetracker-5.0.0 which is logical
> because the latest release was something like ktimetracker-4.10.13
> (kdelibs4-based).

I think my radical suggestion would be to accept changing the version
naming convention for ktimetracker to match KDE Applications.

i.e. you'd go straight from 4.10.13 to 19.08 for the first KF5-based
release under KDE Applications.

I had to do a similar thing for juk and it didn't lead to any notable
confusion, and in fact reduced confusion for users who weren't sure
what "version" to enter against JuK bugs in bugzilla. It's also easier
for me to maintain since Bugzilla versions are created automatically
now, the release scripts can take care of tagging in git for me, and so

You could announce this change as part of the migration to 19.08, which
means your beta and RC releases could be done and would be under the KDE
Applications scheme.

 - Michael Pyne

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