Issue with Discover on the Plasma/5.14 branch

David Edmundson david at
Fri Jan 25 22:12:02 GMT 2019

My previous email missed the release team.

Presumably also requires 4b6420596ca6a557591c24184a57b7985c77984e and more
importantly e8e3160cd20c11090572bd66337b41d9567bf461 from KNS which is a
whole new error reporting API with the error codes which you'd need

As it's new API any backported fix would need all that to be #ifdef'd, and
you'd still need the old code in a #else.
Do-able, but not as trivial as simply backporting something.

Given it's been broken forever, my gut reaction is that this is messy
enough to not be worth the risk of making things worse.
Or if you want a cheap hack, it might be worth looking at changing KNS's
legacy signal to emit Provider::signalError(""All categories are missing")
for network errors.


I've not seen a backportable patch.
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