[Semi-Urgent] KDE Applications 18.12 proposed schedule

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Oct 12 23:58:40 BST 2018

El divendres, 12 d’octubre de 2018, a les 21:08:30 CEST, Sandro Knauß va escriure:
> Hey,
> > Do you think the number is "small enough" that you could get them in with
> > only 8 days from tagging day on March 4 to your freeze on March 12?
> Okay I try it again:
> Only till 2019-03-12 packages can enter automatically to the next stable 
> release. But from 2019-02-12 packages have a minimum quarantine time of 10 
> days to get accepted to next stable. This means that the last day to upload 
> new version is the 2019-03-02. Tagging at March 4 is too late for Debian. So 
> the conclusion is that we can only ship 18.12.2 to Debian users and ask for 
> exceptions, if some really important bugfixes arrive. As the minor updates are 
> only bug-fix releases I'm unhappy shipping a .2 to users. But maybe the 
> general feeling is better to ship 18.12.2 instead of 18.08.3...

That is my opinion yes. 

I do understand that you'd like to have 18.12.3, but if we want to do the (.3) release in march and you need the package before March 2nd it seems it's a bit hard.

Does anyone here disagree with me and thinks we should move up the .3 release to say Feb 28 so it can go into Debian? 

That'd give us only 3 weeks of bugfixes (for all distros) instead of the typical 4.


> hefee

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