KDE Frameworks 5.52.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Thu Nov 8 17:51:20 GMT 2018

On jeudi 8 novembre 2018 16:40:29 CET José Manuel Santamaría Lema wrote:
> Hi,
> thank you very much for the new kpackage tarball, that fixed the issue.
> There's one last glitch for the 5.52 tarballs, and it's a small mistake in
> plasma-framework: https://phabricator.kde.org/D16742
> Fixed by this commit:
> https://cgit.kde.org/plasma-framework.git/commit/?id=ed1724c63e9f93f3a8f2c49
> 72c575e572f27dd12
> Would be possible to also get a new tarball for this one so we don't have to
> distro-patch?


plasma-framework v5.52.0-rc2
64c2d459ec6fc58b52c9313b1b82eee3152f5a67a1b1ea79536477318fd538cf  sources/plasma-framework-5.52.0.tar.xz

Good to see that some distros check the unittests as well :-)

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