KDE Applications 18.08.3 packages available for packagers

Christoph Feck cfeck at kde.org
Tue Nov 6 00:48:50 GMT 2018

Hello packagers,

*.tar.xz files are available at the usual "stable" location.


The 'kdenlive' 18.08 branch was recently found to be broken on some 
distributions. Depending on how the shared data paths are setup, the 
kdenlive application would fail finding the profiles. A fix was 
committed, but I could not yet test the change (see attachment).

Please check if this version works (does not show the "missing profiles" 

Please report issues, release is next Thursday.

REVISIONS_AND_HASHES at https://paste.kde.org/pxhzzuptm

Preliminary changelog v18.08.2..v18.08.3:

My public key at 

Christoph Feck
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