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Sun Mar 25 11:34:58 UTC 2018

Am 25.03.2018 um 12:38 schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> El diumenge, 25 de març de 2018, a les 5:31:00 CEST, Ben Cooksley va escriure:
>> Hi Release Folks,
>> I've noticed that the recently branched Applications/18.04 release
>> appears to contain Umbrello, even though it's release branch is quite
>> clearly Qt 4 based - as seen on the CI system:
>> -kf5-qt5%20WindowsMSVCQt5.10/4/console
>> I've checked in the build metadata and it also says the kf5-qt5 branch
>> is 'frameworks' rather than the more usual 'master'.
>> Considering we're dropping Qt 4 support, shouldn't Umbrello not be
>> included in the Applications/18.04 release?
> Since I personally don't care much about Windows and the non Windows versions 
> are built using KF5, no, i don't think we should drop Umbrello from 
> Applications/18.04
You took a look and saw that umbrelloKF5 on non windows is the default
build for Applications/18.04 about more than a half year
) ?
> Yes, it would be nice from some of our windows people to convince the Umbrello 
> developers their belief that somehow kdelibs4 is better supported on Windows 
> than KF5 is totally bogus, 
>From the list of currently open KF5 umbrello bugs on Windows   
*380136:* Fix KF5 issues on Windows
<> [See dependency tree for
bug 380136] <>

Can you say that the following bugs are fixed

  *    *369085:* Umbrello/KF5 does not show icons in the diagram tool
    bar <> [See dependency
    tree for bug 369085]
  *    *369086:* Umbrello/KF5 does not show folder icons in the tree
    view <> [See dependency
    tree for bug 369086]
  *    *369087:* Umbrello/KF5 does not show icons in the properties and
    settings dialogs <> [See
    dependency tree for bug 369087]

> but it's somewhere I am not going to go.
The easiest way to prove this is to let build umbrello on the KDE binary
factory and check it on a native Windows system. Last I time I checked
it did not.

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