Release calendar

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Fri Feb 16 15:50:52 UTC 2018

On Friday, 16 February 2018 16:27:10 CET Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> I've added the release dates for Plasma 5.12, .13 and .14 as well as
> Frameworks releases to the end of the year onto the calendar on Phab.



> Which makes more sense than the Google calendar I had on my personal
> account.  You should be able to export the .ics and import it into
> whatever calendar you like to use.

I created an export for all events with type "Events: Release" and it's 
available here:

I also added the release date for KDE Applications 18.04; I should go back and 
add 17.12 and before. Any other project who wants to add their release date to 
the calendar can contact one of the Calendar manager (like Jonathan or me), or 
open a ticket with sysadmins.


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