Mailing list for KDE Applications developers?

David Faure faure at
Mon Sep 4 06:00:51 UTC 2017

On lundi 4 septembre 2017 02:42:20 CEST Christoph Feck wrote:
> Hi,
> release-tools/PACKAGING_HOWTO suggests to inform developers of important
> dates for freezes via the "kde-cvs-announce" list.
> These days, only a part of the developers that are subscribed to this
> list are interested in KDE Applications coordination.

True, I suppose.

> Do we have (or need) a separate list to reach all (but only)
> developers/maintainers of repositories that are part of the KDE
> Applications releases? "kde-applications-devel" similar to
> "plasma-devel" and "kde-frameworks-devel".

Can branching/tagging still be posted to more of an "announce" list,
maybe something like kde-devel-announce ? As an occasional contributor to 
kdepim I want to know when branching happens, without receiving lots of emails 
on kipi-plugins issues or whatever else would be discussed on a 
kde-applications-devel mailing-list (which sounds in fact like kde-devel).

> I remember a recent developer doing commits to the master branches,
> because he missed a notification that 17.08 was already branched.

And yet he must have been on kde-cvs-announce, if he has a developer account, 
no? (iirc that's automatic).
But maybe the branching hasn't been announced? (I don't remember, sorry if 
this theory is wrong).

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