Umbrello, hybrid repository, Applications/17.08

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sun Jul 16 22:11:00 UTC 2017

Hi all,

umbrello follows an hybrid structure (both Qt4 and Qt5 version at the same
time, with a lot of if-defs) which poses some complications to our infrastructure.

The maintainer turned on the KF5 version for non-Windows platform in
Applications/17.08 today:

You can read my comments, but in a nutshell:
- the English documentation use a trick (the cmake equivalent of sed) to use
the native DTD of Frameworks documentation;
- the translated DTDs can't do the same. So they will rely on the DTD of the
- when the translated documentation are injected back, as it happens now for
KF5 applications, they will introduce an implicit dependency on
KDELibs4Support, which is not defined.

I tried to explain the issue with the documentation in the past but with no
success. There is also a similar issue related to the usage of a piece of
documentation on its own inside the program.

The stated reason for keeping this hybrid model is the support of Windows.
Now, I think that it's possible to keep this:
- keep a "kdelibs4" branch for Windows, commit there the bugfixes
- upmerge into "master" (or "Applications/xy.zt"), which would be pure Qt5.

I would like to ask to revert the change and keep umbrello officially
kdelibs4, and work to move to pure Qt5 before Applications 17.12 (aka fixing
the issues on Windows).

Otherwise I will have to workaround this in the release scripts in various ways:
- not injecting the localized documentation (at least visible on the website)
- adding an extra dependency to kdelibs4support in the umbrello cmake code
- fixing the DTD while injecting the localized documentation (definitely hard)

The last one would be a special rule just for one program, which takes time
for no reasons and add a maintenance cost. I personally don't like how the
common rule and expectation has not been followed for this repository, which
introduces difficulties for the rest of the community.


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