Can someone create the Applications/17.08 branches ?

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sat Jul 15 11:06:37 UTC 2017

Albert Astals Cid ha scritto:
> We have to release the Beta this thursday/friday.
> I'm going to be AFK for the rest of the weekend, attending a wedding on 
> monday, a concert on tuesday.
> So it would be great if someone can create the Applications/17.08 branches 
> today/tomorrow, (you may need extra karma to be able to create a branch with 
> that name, ask sysadmins for it if you need it).

I have to do part of the steps anyway, so I can do it.

Few notes for future reference:

> What needs to be done (unless i forget something that always can happen) is:
>  * Figure out if someone forgot to upmerge some bugfix from 17.04 to master 
> (happens regularly once or twice each release), for that i use [1] and ignore 
> the projects that don't do merges from the stable branches to master (you'll 
> figure out which they are), if they don't want to make my life easy i can't 
> help them. For that i use [1]
Ok, that's easy.

>  * Create the branches, for that i use [2]

And I will ask for the permissions.

>  * Get the old branches out of CI and the new branches in to CI, for that I've 
> no idea since the new CI is new and have never done it but hopefully editing 
> the kde-build-metadata/logical-module-structure should be enough as it was 
> before.

You just need to edit logical-module-structure; the jobs are based on the
definitions there.

>  * While editing the logical-module-structure take into account that some 
> repos may have moved from being kdelibs4 based to KF5 based, while you do that 
> make sure the list at
> 17.08_Release_Notes is complete

The list is complete :)

>  * Coordinate with Luigi to move the appropiate trunk translations over to 
> stable
That's easy too.

>  * Edit the topic on #kde-devel
>  * Email kde-devel mailing list mentioning trunk is open for features and that 
> people should fix bugs in the new Applications/17.08 branch and merge upwards.

And probably kde-cvs-announce@


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